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Woman taking selfie wrecks $200,000 exhibit

July 15, 2017 | Comment icon 29 comments

This woman's trip to the museum did not go well. Image Credit: YouTube / Party Pooper
The heart-stopping moment saw an entire row of extremely expensive art pieces collapse like dominoes.
The unnamed art enthusiast had been at Simon Birch's art installation 'The 14th Factory' in Los Angeles, when, while attempting to snap a photograph of herself on her mobile phone, she lost her balance and stumbled backwards, knocking over one of the pieces.

It's difficult to imagine how she must have felt as she watched the entire row of priceless items collapse one after the other like dominoes.

According to a spokeswoman for the exhibit, the accident, which happened around two weeks ago, caused around $200,000 worth of damage.

It isn't clear whether or not the insurance will cover the cost.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #20 Posted by Astra. 5 years ago
I understand what you're saying. And I†don't have a lot of time for idiots in general.†However, I just don't understand†what†this has to do with a young person†who accidentally knocked over a wobbly, and an†unstable art display which was apparent in the video. Anyway, no† I'm over it now.†
Comment icon #21 Posted by Grandpa Greenman 5 years ago
I agree with those who said it was a poorly setup exhibit. †Those††pieces should have been anchored†down. †You have to idiot proof public exhibitions, people are very careless and don't give much thought to what they are doing. This looked like a kid.†† The price of the art was the insurance value of the pieces, I am sure and the insurance company will want to recoup their loss, so they double the value. †The price of art†is dictated by the market. †If you make something really nice, rich people are happy to pay big prices to decorate their fancy house and that is ok with me. †
Comment icon #22 Posted by mesuma 5 years ago
No.† There are loads of people who tolerate others whilst they massage their ego with their own.† You don't set up a FB page to post other peoples pictures.†
Comment icon #23 Posted by Timonthy 5 years ago
You realise†that FB is only one of many social media platforms? It†is globally the most popular, and there would definitely be millions of 'friends' for the purpose of checking out each others selfies. But more so, ever heard of Instagram? Many millions of people†set up accounts for the sole purpose of following others and seeing their selfies etc. In Asia especially this is huge, part of a AU$10 billion industry in China alone and†getting bigger much bigger.† I don't know how old you are, and maybe†it doesn't happen a lot†in Scotland, but it's definitely a huge†thing, there's no debating that... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by Haroldbattschits 5 years ago
Vain and narcissistic millennials are getting what they deserve. On a recent trip to Japan with a large group of people, most of us were taking pics of the scenery etc whilst the younger pretty people only took selfies during the entire trip. If getting "likes" on your posts is your top priority, then you are nothing but a shallow oxygen sucker taking up space.
Comment icon #25 Posted by third_eye 5 years ago
I think I'm gonna be planning myself a little selfie accident with the Mona Lisa ... ~
Comment icon #26 Posted by Merc14 5 years ago
Is anyone else thinking this may be a hoax? †Who sets up and exhibit like this with unsecured stands so close together people can barely get between them † I have never seen anything like it†
Comment icon #27 Posted by Farmer77 5 years ago
Funny you said that. As i was telling my wife about the story earlier that exact thought popped into my head , hoax or insurance fraud†
Comment icon #28 Posted by WoIverine 5 years ago
Bound to happen one way or another the way those are organized in that room. Good that they all didn't go down.
Comment icon #29 Posted by mesuma 5 years ago
No. I didn't realize that.† Here in Scotland we still use a man on a horse, riding through the night to deliver information. Why he only just arrived with the parchment informing me of your slightly patronizing reply. Do you think we still live in mud huts? Wait that would explain how I somehow thought there was only one social media platform Debate it or not. It is a big thing, yes, a big annoying, horrible trend that has cost many a self absorbed person their lives. Why the feck are they at an art exhibition and yet more interested in themselves.† Shouldn't they be looking at hmmmmm the art?... [More]

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