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Shag Harbour UFO mystery endures 50 years on

By T.K. Randall
October 2, 2017 · Comment icon 11 comments

What did witnesses see off the coast of Nova Scotia 50 years ago ? Image Credit:
This month marks the 50th anniversary of a UFO sighting at Shag Harbour on Nova Scotia's South Shore.
The incident, which occurred on October 4, 1967, involved multiple witnesses who saw a well-lit saucer-shaped object descend from the sky in to the ocean a short distance from the shoreline.

"We saw lights in the sky and just thought it was an airplane and after a while as we [were] going up the road the lights went from flying level to going down to a 45 degree angle," said Laurie Wilkens, one of a dozen people who reported their sighting to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that night.

When officers arrived at the scene they witnessed the object, which was estimated to be around 18 meters in diameter, floating on the water with its lights still flashing.
"Unlike so many cases, the UFO hung around and it was still there and they watched it maneuver on the water," said Chris Styles, an author who has written two books about the incident.

"They attempted to reach it [however] before they could the object either submerged or disappeared."

Despite extensive efforts by Canadian Navy divers to locate the object on the sea floor, no trace of it was ever found and the incident was ultimately dismissed as unexplained.

Source: CTV News | Comments (11)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by Merc14 5 years ago
I always thought it was probably a a distress flare that floated on the water after hitting. † I know they said they didn't fine any evidence of a flare but is†what? †What would be left of a flare to find the next day? † Second up is a meteor breaking up before hotting the water. † I don't think we'll ever know though and many of the stories that came out later were just silliness.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Dejarma 5 years ago
no surprise there
Comment icon #4 Posted by WhispersInTheAttic 5 years ago
Oh so there's doubts? Did they stop seeing sightings?† I assume people possibility thought they saw something in the sky.†
Comment icon #5 Posted by Merc14 5 years ago
There was nothing before and nothing after but that is meaningless iIMHO. † They definitely saw something †but what it was is the question.
Comment icon #6 Posted by jmccr8 5 years ago
I live in Canada and when I look in they sky I see stars at night and sun in the daytime. Does that count as seeing something in the sky? Oh yeah and sometimes I see birds and satellites too. jmccr8†
Comment icon #7 Posted by Mr.United_Nations 5 years ago
Wasn't foam in the Water? A yellow foam?
Comment icon #8 Posted by White Unicorn 5 years ago
I was on vacation there in the eighties and talked to an old man who was there in his boat when he saw something. It was the first time that I heard about it. He was interesting and convincing that it wasn't the Canadians or Americans that caused whatever happened. Both militaries came to check it out and it was on radar.
Comment icon #9 Posted by UFOwatcher 5 years ago
Why call it "Shag" Harbor? That's what puzzles me...
Comment icon #10 Posted by Bathtub 5 years ago
After the seabird of the same name?
Comment icon #11 Posted by Trelane 5 years ago
Possible that†it was a downed aircraft or satellite. The probability†that it was classified is also likely.

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