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Woman to become world's oldest mother at 70

May 25, 2018 | Comment icon 27 comments

The 70-year-old is reportedly pregnant with a baby girl. Image Credit:
A mother-of-seven in Mexico has claimed that she is six months pregnant with her eighth child at the age of 70.
Maria de la Luz, who lives in the Pacific resort town of Mazatlan, Mexico, is certainly not letting the fact that she has reached retirement age stop her from expanding her already sizeable family.

Reportedly pregnant despite being old enough to be someone's great-grandmother, the 70-year-old recently showed local media an ultrasound scan of her baby which is believed to be a girl.

"My legs hurt and I was vomiting and felt dizzy," she said.
"Now they have done around ten ultrasounds in a private clinic and in the (public) social security hospital. The doctors could not believe it. They told me it is a girl. Look, you can see her little face."

If Maria actually gives birth, she will quite possibly be the oldest mother in human history.

The current record holder is Maria del Carmen Bousada de Lara who gave birth to twin boys at the age of 66 back in 2006. She had lied about her age in order to receive fertility treatment.

Exatly how Maria de la Luz managed to conceive however remains unclear.

Source: Lad Bible | Comments (27)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #18 Posted by Lilly 4 years ago
I know...I was playing the straight man (woman) to your 'hot for granny' commentary there.  
Comment icon #19 Posted by Lilly 4 years ago
No, without medical intervention a post menopausal 70 year old can not get pregnant. Something (I suspect IVF) along with hormonal therapy would have to have been used. 
Comment icon #20 Posted by pallidin 4 years ago
Xeno, fess-up. Child support can be brutal, ya know, so I do understand your hesitation. But man-up! Your other option is to marry her. Yeah, that will help finacially. Do it. And PLEASE don't ask for me to be Best Man.  
Comment icon #21 Posted by pallidin 4 years ago
Perhaps a musical interlude is in order now...  
Comment icon #22 Posted by ~Onyx~ 4 years ago
She wouldn't happen to live in a shoe, would she?
Comment icon #23 Posted by third_eye 4 years ago
Would that make her your 'special' friend, Once Upon a Time ? ~
Comment icon #24 Posted by evefromgh 4 years ago
Well done, may she enjoy another ride at motherhood
Comment icon #25 Posted by Myles 4 years ago
I threw up in my mouth a little.    
Comment icon #26 Posted by tcgram 4 years ago
I can't imagine being pregnant at my age and I'm nearly 20 years younger....
Comment icon #27 Posted by ~Onyx~ 4 years ago
What can I say, she told me she loved me. At least it wasn't the Muffin Man.

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