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Cows help police catch car thief in Florida

August 9, 2018 | Comment icon 13 comments

Cows are surprisingly adept at chasing suspects. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Sondreaasan
A woman fleeing through fields to escape the police was caught after being chased by a herd of cattle.
The peculiar incident was captured on video by a Seminole County Sheriff's Office helicopter team as the woman, who had been riding in a stolen Subaru SUV with two other people, tried to get away.

She was only able to get a short distance before the cows moved to intercept her.

"Actually, a large group of cows is following her," the helicopter team stated. "It looks like they may attack her. She's pretty far into the field now."
"If you see the large group of cows, they're literally following her and chasing her."

Fearing for her life, the woman was forced to run towards the edge of the field with the cows in pursuit.

When she finally reached the fence, police officers were waiting for her on the other side.

She was later charged with theft, drug possession, trespassing and resisting arrest.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by Why not 4 years ago
Only in Florida does something like this happen. They chase people off because they think your one of the local rednecks trying to push them over while they sleep standing up. I know these kind of things.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Still Waters 4 years ago
When I was younger we thought nothing of walking through a field of cows, wouldn't do that now though. Cows are too unpredictable. Sometimes they just stand aroundlooking at you, other timestheystart walking towards you and when one moves the rest follow. You can never be sure what they'll do especially if they have calves with them.
Comment icon #6 Posted by The Caspian Hare 4 years ago
Cows are curious about new things in their pasture.Cows will also pursue you if you have the feed bucket.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Still Waters 4 years ago
Growing up we used to live opposite a farm. It wasn't a big farm, just some cows, pigs, hens and a hay barn thatwe used to play in. The farmer used to let us help feed the cows in the cowshed and walk them up to the fields, bring them back for milking and watch them being hooked up to the milk machines, all this while trying not to get in his way. He also had a field next to our house, it's in that field I watchedone of his cows give birth. That was a first for me because the farmer didn't allow us in the cowshed when one of his cows had newly calved.
Comment icon #8 Posted by paperdyer 4 years ago
Best way to start a stampede is to spook a herd of cattle, bull or no bull. I had a funny experience with cattle a few years ago. I was on my way to our plant. The cows broke through the fence and were crossing the road. In the middle of the road was a bull making sounds like he was directing traffic. Trying to get the "girls" to move faster. Needless to say, a new fence was put up and I only recently saw some cows back in that part. In fact I hadn't seen cows there in any part of the pastureuntil recently. I guess the cows were being punished. They were only following their bull's orde... [More]
Comment icon #9 Posted by Still Waters 4 years ago
Speaking of bulls, when I lived away from home and used to catch a bus to work, there was this field directly across from the bus shelter. It was a country road and not all that wide so the bull wasn't that far away from us. There were three of us who used to catch that bus in the mornings and we were very wary of this bull. It was a hugebrute of an animaland it would come pushing against the wire fence bellowing at us, it was really intimidating and this would happen every morning. We used to be ever so thankful to see the bus coming!
Comment icon #10 Posted by Stiff 4 years ago
I like the way she mooves
Comment icon #11 Posted by Hawken 4 years ago
As a teen I remember herding some cattle on foot down a dirt road. This one cow kept stopping and looking at me. Next thing I know it charged me. I had a stick and jabbed it at the cow. It went back to the herd but it scared the crap out of me.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Mantis914 4 years ago
That is very true. I was out with a gf just SE of San Antonio on a dark rainy night about 20 years ago. Long story short, we pulled into a desolate back road for some privacy and my car started slowly sinking into knee deep mud. Iwent to get help when I managed to trudge a mile or soin muck then finally made it to a paved road. I started walking when I became aware of several figures following alongside me and when I stoppedto look, I saw a bunch ofcow faces eyeballing me in the rain. I forgot what I was carrying but I had something in my hand which the cows must've taken for food. W... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by Hawken 4 years ago

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