Monday, October 2, 2023
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World of the Bizarre

Cows flee live Nativity scene in North Carolina, escape down river

 VIDEO  12-11-2022 | 9

The bovine duo certainly weren't feeling the Christmas spirit when they did a runner from a chapel last week.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds spate of unexplained cattle deaths in Colorado

12-4-2022 | 18

Officials have struggled to come up with an explanation for the deaths of at least 40 cows over the last two months.

World of the Bizarre

Farmers are painting eyes on cows' backsides

8-12-2020 | 13

Farmers in Africa have found a novel new way of protecting their livestock from opportunistic predators.

World of the Bizarre

Russian farmers are giving cows VR headsets

11-28-2019 | 7

A rather bizarre experiment in Russia has seen dairy cows being equipped with virtual reality headsets.

World of the Bizarre

'Singing vet' serenades cows with opera

7-2-2019 | 5

Opera singing veterinarian Alfonso Camassa has come up with a rather unique approach to treating animals.

World of the Bizarre

Cows help police catch car thief in Florida

 VIDEO  8-9-2018 | 13

A woman fleeing through fields to escape the police was caught after being chased by a herd of cattle.


Cows could end up as world's largest mammals

4-21-2018 | 27

Scientists have warned that cows could eventually become the largest remaining mammals on Earth.

World of the Bizarre

'Tiger on the loose' turns out to be a toy

2-6-2018 | 6

A stuffed tiger toy found in a cowshed managed to spark an armed police alert in Scotland at the weekend.

Science & Technology

Mystery methane surge is due to flatulent cows

10-2-2017 | 19

A new US study has revealed that cow flatulence is responsible for a recent rise in atmospheric methane.

World of the Bizarre

13 cows inexplicably leap over cliff edge

6-6-2017 | 56

Farmers in Switzerland were left perplexed after the animals escaped their pen and leapt to their deaths.

World of the Bizarre

Flatulent cows cause methane gas explosion

1-29-2014 | 29

A herd of cows managed to cause a significant gas explosion on a dairy farm in Rasdorf, Germany.

World of the Bizarre

Woman shocked as cows fall through ceiling

11-22-2013 | 23

Sue Marshall had been hoovering when an almighty crash in her workshop alerted her to an unusual visitor.

Science & Technology

Scientists to create ‘health and safety’ cow

4-29-2013 | 19

Gene-editing techniques are being used to create cows that are born without any horns at all.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as grass kills herd of cattle

6-27-2012 | 22

15 cows were found dead in Texas after munching on grass that had suddenly started producing cyanide.

Science & Technology

GM cows produce healthier milk

6-18-2012 | 30

Scientists have been working on creating genetically modified cows that can produce healthier milk.

World of the Bizarre

Farmer blames "death ray" for cow deaths

6-14-2012 | 33

A Canadian farmer is being charged over the loss of more than 250 of his cows in a ten year period.

World of the Bizarre

PETA demands highway memorials for cows

1-1-2012 | 50

The animal rights group believes cattle killed on the roads should have memorials built for them.

Science & Technology

GM cows produce human milk

4-3-2011 | 24

In a bid to make cow's milk more nutritious scientists have created cattle that produce human milk.

World of the Bizarre

Cows given waterbeds to improve milk

8-27-2010 | 11

One dairy farmer in Glastonbury has given his cows waterbeds to help encourage them to produce better milk.

World of the Bizarre

Bizarre achievements win Ig Nobel prizes

10-3-2009 | 9

A number of unusual achievements have been honoured with this year's Ig Nobel prize including a designer who invented a ...

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