Saturday, September 24, 2022
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Nature & Environment

Rare white alligator hatches out at reptile park in Florida

7-27-2022 | 2

The tiny reptile, which has a rather unique pigmentation, is not the only albino alligator at the park.

World of the Bizarre

Video shows moment truck is struck by lightning on highway

 VIDEO  7-8-2022 | 1

A woman driving in Florida captured the moment her husband's truck was struck by a bolt from the blue.

Nature & Environment

Giant snails put Florida town into quarantine

 VIDEO  7-3-2022 | 1

An invasive species of giant snail has resulted in restrictions being placed on the area.

Nature & Environment

Huge 18ft python is the largest ever found in Florida

 VIDEO  6-22-2022 | 3

A gargantuan Burmese python has been lured out and caught in the wilds of the Florida Everglades.

World of the Bizarre

'UFO' stuns motorists on Florida Turnpike

8-29-2021 | 29

A rather unusual vehicle managed to turn heads along a stretch of highway in Dade County, Florida recently.

Nature & Environment

Weird, limbless amphibians found in the US

8-5-2021 | 3

Scientists have discovered an ancient species of worm-like amphibian in Florida for the first time.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Woman films 'baby dinosaur' in her back yard

 VIDEO  4-25-2021 | 26

A woman from Florida recently captured footage of what she believes to be a dinosaur running through her yard.

Nature & Environment

Has an Amazon 'river monster' invaded Florida?

3-28-2021 | 5

The remains of a giant predatory fish from the Amazon basin were recently found washed up in Jaycee Park.

The UFO Phenomenon

Was the 'Betz mystery sphere' an alien device ?

1-1-2021 | 30

A strange metallic sphere found near the home of a family in Florida sparked a decades-long mystery.

World of the Bizarre

Miami weather forecast predicts 'falling iguanas'

12-22-2020 | 4

The National Weather Service in Florida this week warned residents about lizards falling on their heads.

Science & Technology

US Air Force base is guarded by robotic dogs

 VIDEO  11-23-2020 | 5

Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida is replacing human guard patrols with a new type of four-legged robot.

World of the Bizarre

Man wrestles alligator in bid to save his dog

 VIDEO  11-22-2020 | 6

A man in Florida was captured on film jumping into a pond to attack an alligator that had grabbed his dog.

Nature & Environment

Two-headed snake discovered in a Florida home

10-23-2020 | 1

State wildlife officials have revealed the discovery of a rare snake with two heads at a woman's house.

Nature & Environment

Record-breaking python caught in Florida

10-10-2020 | 8

This gargantuan snake is one of many to have been caught by bounty hunters in the Florida Everglades.

Nature & Environment

Gigantic snapping turtles caught in Florida

8-30-2020 | 10

Wildlife researchers discovered three huge turtles - which belong to a new species - near Gainesville.

The UFO Phenomenon

Sen. Marco Rubio would prefer UFOs to be alien

 VIDEO  7-22-2020 | 28

The Florida senator recently offered up his own thoughts on the presence of anomalous objects in US airspace.

World of the Bizarre

Cops capture a kangaroo in Fort Lauderdale

 VIDEO  7-18-2020 | 6

Police officers in Florida recently encountered a feisty marsupial that was very far from home.

Science & Technology

750M GM mosquitoes to be released in Florida

6-19-2020 | 19

A plan to release genetically modified mosquitoes has been condemned as a 'Jurassic Park experiment'.

Modern Mysteries

Man discovers 'Voodoo doll' with human teeth

 VIDEO  2-25-2020 | 4

A beachgoer in Cape Canaveral, Florida recently came across a rather disturbing object washed up on the sand.

Modern Mysteries

145 graves discovered beneath Florida school

 VIDEO  11-24-2019 | 5

The unexpected discovery was made under King High School in Tampa after a tip-off from a local historian.

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