Sunday, April 18, 2021
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US Navy 'will not release UFO information'

Posted on Thursday, 2 May, 2019 | Comment icon 44 comments

Reported sightings are likely to be kept confidential. Image Credit: US Air Force / Kevin Robertson
A move to formalize the process of reporting UFOs will not result in details being released to the public.
When it was revealed last month that the US Navy would be drafting new guidelines to make it easier for pilots and other personnel to report sightings of unidentified flying objects, there was a general expectation that this could lead to the details of such sightings being released to the public.

Now however, Joe Gradisher - a spokesman for the office of the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare - has made a statement that has cast serious doubt on this possibility.

"Military aviation safety organizations always retain reporting of hazards to aviation as privileged information in order to preserve the free and honest prioritization and discussion of safety among aircrew," he said.
"Furthermore, any report generated as a result of these investigations will, by necessity, include classified information on military operations."

"Therefore, no release of information to the general public is expected."

That said however, there is a chance that the move could result in the release of broader details, such as the number of sightings reported or a summary of the conclusions reached by investigators.

As things stand, we will just have to wait and see how everything pans out.

Source: Washington Post | Comments (44)

Tags: UFO

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #35 Posted by bmk1245 on 4 May, 2019, 13:52
Comment icon #36 Posted by highdesert50 on 4 May, 2019, 16:09
Alas, our perceptions and consequent actions are filtered by our beliefs. And, a belief that provides hope, particularly in times of despair, is unlikely to be extinguished. How we perceive is how we proceed ... the debate continues.
Comment icon #37 Posted by Captain Risky on 4 May, 2019, 20:53
Sorry, Stereo but we're not talking of JimBo drinking bourbon in his pick up on the side of the road and seeing strange lights... these are intercept and tracking proof. this is fighter pilots watching objects leaving them for dust and then stopping in mid flight waiting for the fighters to catch up. you just don't know better or have more information on the particular UFO sightings that U.S. Navy fighter pilots and radar specialists are concerned about to make any of your points valid. you just don't!
Comment icon #38 Posted by stereologist on 6 May, 2019, 3:10
Please provide the incident.  Show that anything you pretend happened actually happened. Please provide the exact incident or incidents you are referring to. Here is what I wrote: Straw man argument: "we're not talking of JimBo drinking bourbon in his pick up on the side of the road and seeing strange lights" I never mentioned any such incident. Fallacy: "these are intercept and tracking proof."  - That never happened in ANY of the incidents I mentioned. Fallacy: "leaving them for dust and then stopping in mid flight waiting for the fighters to catch up" - That never happened in ANY of the inc... [More]
Comment icon #39 Posted by Timothy on 15 May, 2019, 8:11
@bison: Why keep referencing the GEIPAN 2005 study rather than a much more recent (Feb 2018, see my post #12) release from them?
Comment icon #40 Posted by bison on 15 May, 2019, 19:00
The conclusions of the GEIPAN 2005 study stand. The much later statement to which you refer seems to miss the point.  Proof of the extraterrestrial hypothesis was never claimed. It was merely given as the likeliest explanation for some of the better UFO reports they examined. The references to the emotional reactions of the witnesses  and journalistic approaches to the subject are really beside the point, too.  GEIPAN looked to the evidence, investigated its value, and drew its conclusions.   
Comment icon #41 Posted by stereologist on 16 May, 2019, 19:26
When you say "The conclusions of the GEIPAN 2005 study stand." are you simply referring to the fact that around 1/4 of the cases they looked into ended up with the group not assigning a mundane explanation? I think you would like those conclusions to stand, but it seems they do not even stand within Geipan. Studies are surpassed by better studies and more knowledge.  Geipan drew conclusions which like all conclusions are not set in concrete. The 2005 study was considered poorly done by French skeptics.   
Comment icon #42 Posted by bison on 16 May, 2019, 21:59
I find no assertion or indication in the statement from GEIPAN quoted in post # 12, that further study invalidated their 2005 conclusion, that extraterrestrial intelligence was the likeliest explanation for some UFO reports.  The quoted statement merely emphasizes the lack of absolute proof, and so declines to express a definite 'yes or no' opinion on the extraterrestrial hypothesis for UFOs. This is all quite in accord with the original conclusions. I'm sure that any study on as controversial subject as UFOs will inevitably have its critics.    
Comment icon #43 Posted by stereologist on 17 May, 2019, 12:36
I would point out that nothing in the Geipan 2005 report validates their conclusion. They simply did not assign a mundane explanation to approximately 1/4 of the issues they examined. Nothing is there to validate or invalidate their conclusion. They drew a conclusion on what little they had.
Comment icon #44 Posted by bison on 17 May, 2019, 16:55
Did GEIPAN simply have inadequate information in those reports, for which they found the likeliest explanation to be extraterrestrial intelligence? That would make no sense. The only way to establish a likelihood of the extraterrestrial hypothesis in these cases would be to have adequate information to exhaustively rule out all mundane explanations. Reports of apparent flying craft not attributable to our own devices, maneuvering in ways our aircraft can not, formed the basis of GEIPANs conclusions.   

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