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The UFO Phenomenon

UFO caught on camera over Jackson, Wyoming

By T.K. Randall
August 22, 2019 · Comment icon 102 comments

What could this be ? Image Credit: YouTube / Buckrail News
A strange object was picked up on a webcam at Spring Creek Ranch in the early hours of August 11th.
The UFO, which can be seen moving from left to right across the sky, was first spotted at 3:41am by an anonymous webcam user who had been hoping to catch a glimpse of the Perseid Meteor Shower.

"My coworker thought something was broken on the camera," she told news site Buckrail.

What makes the sighting particularly notable is the bright flash that lights up the entire sky for a brief moment just after the object disappears from view.
"It would totally be a plane in my mind if there weren't a weird, bright flash in the end," she said.

There were reportedly no flights recorded for this stretch of airspace at the time of the sighting.

It's important to note that the footage, which can be viewed below, has been sped up. The webcam only captures one frame per second, so the object was actually moving much slower.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #93 Posted by Calibeliever 3 years ago
I was referring to the slowed down video someone was kind enough to post out here. Watch the very last second of that one and the hillside on the far end of the valley is completely lit up, exactly as it would be by lightning. I'm not arguing it absolutely HAS to be that but it sure looks like it to me. As for the strobing in the middle, that's what I would expect to see if the aircraft changed orientation slightly, nothing more. I'm not claiming any aeronautical expertise as some others are, but I've seen my share of low flying aircraft over the decades and nothing about this looks out of the... [More]
Comment icon #94 Posted by Hazzard 3 years ago
Hrm... I never said that. 
Comment icon #95 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 3 years ago
Apparently you do, d'head.  You post to me more than anyone, or is that just to throw insults and jabs, I'd tell you to go ____________________ but UM has limits.
Comment icon #96 Posted by Dejarma 3 years ago
no you didn't... i quoted Calibeliever but for some reason it's put your name to it??? oh well, my apologies 
Comment icon #97 Posted by Dejarma 3 years ago
well that's debatable but listening to you does get a little tedious after a while, Earl.Of.Farts anyways I'm done wiv ya now
Comment icon #98 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 3 years ago
If my thoughts on a particular subject matter are so upsetting to you, put me on ignore, dejarma. very simple.  Only two people that frequent the UFO forums now that can actually converse objectively with me, Trelane and Hazzard.
Comment icon #99 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 3 years ago
Strangely enough people think that of me but I never once said in here what I thought it was because I simply didn't know. "UFO" was not really what I was thinking at all nor did I ever mention that it was. But ya know what...? even if I said that, does one's IDEA simply make them a pariah. It should not be the case if the idea is put forth in all earnestness.   And Hazzard, with all the bulldashing going on in this thread I don't think the usuals in here ever made a play for CGI. Strange things!  CGI is getting better and better and I really think that from now on, when footage from a securit... [More]
Comment icon #100 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 3 years ago
Where the heck you been?  I miss that pawing of yours LOL
Comment icon #101 Posted by the13bats 3 years ago
Iits been just health and real life hobby interests,  trying to dodge our over 100 degree heat index etc, plus i would like to post a bit differently than i have been, but thanks for asking, have a good one.
Comment icon #102 Posted by ChrLzs 3 years ago
Please show your calculations and assumptions*.  Here's your chance to shine and make me apologise! * Hint, there's at least one major issue with this being a .. you know ... 2D image with very large depth of field.   But you must know that if you worked out a probable speed, so go ahead, show your maths. If you'd rather pass, that's fine (and probably wise) - then I'll do it.  Just for others' future reference and to explain the issues in detail.  So others won't make similar unjustified guesses. While I don't agree with your conclusions and how you got to them, we do agree that it was over. ... [More]

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