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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Uri Geller: 'mind power moved Suez Canal ship'

March 30, 2021 | Comment icon 107 comments

Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Robert Schwemmer / NOAA
The celebrity spoon-bender has taken credit for helping to free the stricken cargo ship in the Middle-East.
After a tremendous co-operative effort involving skilled salvage crews, dredgers and a small fleet of tug boats, the world breathed a sigh of relief when the gargantuan cargo ship Ever Given was finally moved after being wedged in the Suez Canal for the better part of a week.

According to Uri Geller however, it was the 'mind power' of his fans that helped move the ship.

Ever the opportunist, the world-famous Israeli had urged his fans around the world to use their collective brain power to move the stricken vessel at 11:11am on Saturday.
"This was a mammoth task but with your mind-power and self belief we all together freed the ship!" he said. "Your sheer positive energy also helped the ground crew efforts well done to them too!"

Of course the ship did not move on the date and time of Geller's scheduled event, however that doesn't seem to have stopped him from claiming that he had contributed to the effort.

He has done something similar before, such as in December 2019 when he claimed that he had 'energised' UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to help him win the election.

Suffice to say, it seems unlikely that he had any impact whatsoever in either case.

Source: Times of Israel | Comments (107)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #98 Posted by papageorge1 8 months ago
Sounds to me like a lot of people are irrationally opposed to evidence of psychic abilities. Geller performs under controlled conditions again and again. sorry.
Comment icon #99 Posted by Xeno-Fish 8 months ago
When one fraud decided to come out and claim psychic powers moved that stupid ship, there will always be fools who agree with him.
Comment icon #100 Posted by Hyperionxvii 8 months ago
Sure. He just happens to show up about the time they're going to get it loose, and his psychic powers did it. Why'd he wait so long? Why not do it on the first day with all those powers?
Comment icon #101 Posted by papageorge1 8 months ago
Hyper, I was commenting on controlled testing which this canal thing is not. However, if he has been confirmed to have psychic abilities then I’ll seriously consider what he says on this canal thing.
Comment icon #102 Posted by Horta 8 months ago
Geller is just an an overhyped (mostly by himself) illusionist and entertainer. The "psychic powers" thing is part of his schtick, it's show business, entertainment. He has real paranormal abilities in the same way that the Fiji mermaid was a real mermaid (and PT Barnum wouldn't lie). The moral and ethical aspect of this is debatable but taking advantage of the gullible is a time honoured tradition. Taking money on behalf of a rabbi who died 2000 yrs ago who can do favours for you if you contact him telepathically doesn't sound like a scam much either (lol) but people flock to it. So there's a... [More]
Comment icon #103 Posted by Hyperionxvii 8 months ago
Where's this confirmation? 
Comment icon #104 Posted by Horta 8 months ago
LOL! If you don't find that funny, you ain't got a funny bone. A group of pinheads with electron microscopes, x-ray machines and whatever...yet failed to realise a key was bent by a charlatan/ illusionist. lol. Must be real, x-ray machine said so lol. They should have pulled his finger to see what would happen, that surely would have had 'em stumped as well...
Comment icon #105 Posted by Horta 8 months ago
I wonder if this institution is also known as the "Ponds Institute" of..."scientific studies show that our cold cream reduces visible signs of ageing"...fame. Sounds about as legit lol.
Comment icon #106 Posted by Xeno-Fish 8 months ago
If there was really anything to telekinesis, nasa and other space institutions would be all over it. Because that's where I see it most useful from a realistic perspective.
Comment icon #107 Posted by Saru 8 months ago
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