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37-year-old wakes up believing that he's 16

By T.K. Randall
July 27, 2021 · Comment icon 16 comments

Imagine waking up one morning to find you've forgotten half your life. Image Credit: CC 2.0 Andrew Mason
Daniel Porter got the fright of his life when he woke up one day having forgotten 21 years of his life.
When he awoke one morning in July last year, Daniel had suffered an episode of amnesia so extreme that he had completely forgotten everything that had happened to him over the last two decades.

Believing that he was 16 and due to go to school, he was shocked to discover that he was lying next to a strange woman and when he looked in the mirror, an unfamiliar face looked back at him.

In reality, the woman was his wife, he was 37 years old and he even had a 10-year-old daughter.

"He woke up one morning and just had no idea who I was or where he was," said his wife, Ruth. "He was very confused. I could tell he didn't recognize the room."
"He thought he was either drunk and gone home with a woman or that he'd been kidnapped. I could see him looking for an escape route."

Doctors eventually diagnosed him with Transient Global Amnesia - a form of short-term memory loss that can occur very suddenly.

Fortunately Daniel started to recall details of his life within 24 hours, however much of what had happened to him over the last 20 years never returned.

He ended up having to quit his job because he could no longer remember any of his training.

"It was like his brain just said it didn't want to do it anymore and just swiped 20 years of memories," said Ruth. "I knew that when people have been through trauma that they can lose their memory of it but I didn't know it could cause 20 years of memory loss."

Source: Oddity Central | Comments (16)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by godnodog 1 year ago
Awesome? Its horrible!
Comment icon #8 Posted by razman 1 year ago
Maybe he slept on his neck wrong or something. And something got pinched.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Robotic Jew 1 year ago
I wouldn't mind forgetting 20 or more years of my life. For sure.†
Comment icon #10 Posted by psyche101 1 year ago
Has he tried yelling SHAZAM? Anyone know? Just a thought.
Comment icon #11 Posted by jethrofloyd 1 year ago
Itís better this way than if he woke up thinking he is Bigfoot!
Comment icon #12 Posted by Desertrat56 1 year ago
I'm curious about the trauma that caused the amnesia. †That wasn't mentioned in the article.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Abramelin 1 year ago
Maybe being married for far to long with the wrong woman?? It happened when he woke up, and saw a woman lying beside him he didn't recognize. Yeah...
Comment icon #14 Posted by DanL 1 year ago
Since they didn't mention any trauma I would guess that he had some sort of mini-stroke. Memory is a funny thing. You take it for granted at what ever level is normal for you. I admitted to a friend that I had forgotten his telephone number. He looked at me and laughed. He had never known what my number was past that I was 9 on his speed dial. As it turns out most people never had "memorized" any numbers other than immediate family or work numbers.
Comment icon #15 Posted by aztek 1 year ago
Ischemic stroke. text book case,† no need for mri, or cat scans,
Comment icon #16 Posted by Ernest Yeap 1 year ago
I'm 42 years old now, but I wish I could be 30 forever. Haha..

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