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The UFO Phenomenon

Pilots report mystery green UFO over Canada

By T.K. Randall
August 14, 2021 · Comment icon 11 comments

What did the flight crews see over the Canadian coast ? Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Ostersund Photography
The pilots of two separate aircraft reported encountering the unidentified object over the coast on July 30th.
According to reports, the UFO, which was described as a "bright green flying object", was seen "flying into a cloud and disappearing" over the Gulf of Saint Lawrence on Canada's Atlantic coastline.

The pilots of two flights - one commercial and one military - both saw the same thing.

The military plane had been traveling from Ontario to Cologne, Germany while the passenger aircraft was a KLM Royal Dutch Airlines plane flying from Boston to Amsterdam.
The UFO reportedly "did not impact the operations of either flight", however some news outlets have claimed that the military plane may have needed to change course to avoid getting too close.

Because the nature and origin of the mysterious object remains unclear, the Canadian report describing the incident has assigned it the catch-all label "weather balloon, meteor, rocket, UFO."

It has been speculated that a meteor preceding the Perseid meteor shower may be to blame, however this has yet to be confirmed and there are no known recordings of the object.

As things stand, the case remains unsolved.

Source: Space.com | Comments (11)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by tortugabob 1 year ago
I once saw an emerald green bolide streak across the night sky. You could see the spiraling gas combustion trail as it moved.  Much brighter and larger than the average meteorite. Very impressive. Could have been one of those.
Comment icon #3 Posted by NCC1701 1 year ago
It looks like they mistook the setting sun for a ufo.
Comment icon #4 Posted by astrobeing 1 year ago
Unfortunately "bright green flying object" isn't a lot to go on.
Comment icon #5 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 1 year ago
That'll be car lights coming over a hill or an internal reflection off the windscreen.  
Comment icon #6 Posted by Trelane 1 year ago
So many likely explanations for what the pilots observed. Unfortunately, extraterrestrial craft isn't one of them.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Nobu 1 year ago
And this is usually where you guys look idiotic. A pilot is literally THE ONLY eyewitness I would trust to describe something in the air that isn’t normal. Not you people. Not a policeman. Not a physicist. Not a weatherman. Noone BUT someone that logs hundreds and hundred and hundreds of hours in the air is more qualified to visually describe something out of the ordinary IN THEIR REALM.      cause,guess what? I know this is mentally tough to grasp…. But maybe, when it comes to comets and headlights off windshields and the sun setting, they been there ,done that ,seen that- in the sky.   keybo... [More]
Comment icon #8 Posted by Timothy 1 year ago
There’s no mention that it’s something ‘not normal’. They simply reported something they saw because for safety reasons they are obligated to do so, to determine if there was any risk to safety etc. There’s no comments from the pilots on what they thought it was in the report, just the facts: They saw a light enter a cloud.  We don’t know what it was, we’re never going to know what it was, but it’s likely it was something like a meteor.  Yes there’s an infinitesimal chance it could have been ET, or higher chance of human tech being tested; but we’ll never know either way. The narrative from th... [More]
Comment icon #9 Posted by ExoPaul 1 year ago
I think the location is more interesting than anything. It seems to be in a similar area/flight path that many of the UFO sightings are located in the recent US Government UFO review. That suggests there may be more to it than a simple green meteor. Part of me suspects that it could be Russian/Chinese technology and they are avoiding the usual radar tracking by avoiding Europe/UK/Atlantic crossing and taking a different angle over the sparser populated North Pole/Arctic to test Canada/US borders. It is also no secret Russia is eroding away at the Arctic with military installations and land gra... [More]
Comment icon #10 Posted by fred_mc 1 year ago
I guess it doesn't have to be an object, a green light doesn't have to be an object. Phenomena that might be some kind of plasma balls have for example been observed before, I think those can hardly be called objects.
Comment icon #11 Posted by ChrLzs 1 year ago
How, exactly?  Naturally if it's in a place with high population of potential observers, it merely increase the chances of being seen. What might be mysterious or worthy of investigation would be if it showed some characteristics beyond a meteor/ite or terrestrial capabilities.  Hinting that there be is more to it sounds a little like a tinfoilhat on too tight...  Speaking of which... Mate, if you actually did some decent investigating or showed some decent knowledge, such a comment might sting a little.  As it is, though, it is nothing but utter hypocrisy.

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