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New petition calls on US government to release UFO videos

By T.K. Randall
February 26, 2022 · Comment icon 45 comments

What is the US government not telling us ? Image Credit: US Navy
The petition aims to persuade US government officials to release classified UFO footage to the public.
While things have been moving in the right direction with regard to UFO disclosure in recent years, the fact remains that much of the evidence continues to remain classified and out of reach.

Keen to see this material released to the public, UFO enthusiast Adam Goldsack, who is from the UK, has created a new petition demanding that such evidence be made available.

"The radical 'transmedium' technology of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) is currently being withheld from the American public," he wrote.
"The UAPTF-DNI preliminary report on UAP found that 143/144 cases were classified as 'unidentified'."

"We request that the new UAP office created by Congress make available all unclassified videos and cases so that civilian science can investigate and better understand this technology."

The petition, which can be found - here - has so far only managed to elicit over 3,800 signatures, however it has also been receiving an increasing amount of media attention, meaning that over time this number should rise significantly.

Sadly though, regardless of the number of signatures it does eventually receive, it seems unlikely that the US government will make a move to declassify UFO video footage based on this alone.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #36 Posted by ChrLzs 2 years ago
What is your source for this claim?  Or will you disappear if you tell us?   BTW, as is my habit... I pretty much know the answer to where you got it from, but you made the claim, so do tell us where you got your info from...
Comment icon #37 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 2 years ago
I made it perfectly clear where I got that information,, the 'Go Fast' video. So in the end, the Pentgon *showed* us that - yes, they have information that they are not sharing with the plebes. 
Comment icon #38 Posted by ChrLzs 2 years ago
????????????? THAT is what you said.  The Gofast video contains NO such information, the object was NEVER nearby and the ATFLIR was NOT mounted on a Hawkeye, plus you said yourself - the tapes were confiscated.  Stop contradicting yourself and back up that claim please and also, read your own posts ...
Comment icon #39 Posted by ChrLzs 2 years ago
  And answer all the questions above, please, @Earl.Of.Trumps.
Comment icon #40 Posted by Timothy 2 years ago
It’s a joke if you use GOFAST video as evidence as anything other than a low resolution video. Almost as bad as the battle of LA photo.
Comment icon #41 Posted by Black Red Devil 2 years ago
Nah, not angry at all. Just making sure you’re aware where the red line stands and you dont surpass it. Look, I’m not really interested in this subject, I don’t want to waste time on it and definitely not with certain pompous arrogant individuals but, I asked and you gave a reasonable response, so here I go. I got a bit interested in UFO’s when the Pentagon admitted they couldn’t explain certain objects in the sky which they classified as ‘unidentifiable’. This is what they established at the time: A senior U.S. government official said ahead of the report's release Friday that, ... [More]
Comment icon #42 Posted by stereologist 2 years ago
Wow. Nothing here. These are almost certainly training videos used by the Navy to get their pilots to learn what they see on their instruments. The Pentagon has not "claimed there are things flying around they can't explain". That's just your wishful thinking. You've been led by the ring in your nose to that idea. The two pilots you suggest are stating that they couldn't figure out their instrument readings. Probably a good idea for the Navy to improve training don't you think?
Comment icon #43 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 2 years ago
1. That is what I said, yes. 2. ONE Of those videos is where I got the info, and it happened on the Nimitz because pilot Fravor and one other officer discussed it at length. Has to be Go Fast. 3. It was stated that the object pulled up very close to the Hawkeye, yes. 4. I NEVER MENTIONED ATFLIR 5. Yes, the tapes were confiscated. correct. So what was your point?   
Comment icon #44 Posted by Black Red Devil 2 years ago
I mean, really?!  You're not talking to the miriad of sheeple that gulp in debunking rubbish by default because they think it makes them feel intelligent and rational.  The pentagon HAS claimed "there are things flying around they can't explain" no matter how much you wish to deny it.  They are in fact called  'unexplained' or 'unidentified' which basically means the same in this case.  They identified 143 of them and many were directly witnessed by Navy pilots.  None of them were classified as 'Alien' but they didn't discard foreign technology or even US projects.  Their reporting was ... [More]
Comment icon #45 Posted by Saru 2 years ago
Thread closed for moderator review.

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