Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Statue of the Virgin Mary 'sheds tears' in El Canal, Mexico

By T.K. Randall
November 15, 2023 · Comment icon 113 comments

Painting of the Virgin Mary in prayer.
Image Credit: Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato
Footage of the phenomenon, which worshippers have described as a 'miracle', was recently shared online.
According to reports, the statue, which is situated in El Canal in the Mexican state of Colima, has since drawn hundreds of people to the region, with visitors flocking to the church in the hope of catching a glimpse of the alleged miracle for themselves.

Witnesses who first reported the phenomenon described seeing the eyes of the statue turn red before water began to fall from them like tears.

Video footage of the spectacle has already racked up thousands of views online.
Some of the local people have come to interpret the weeping statue as a divine call against violence in the state with the month of October alone seeing 702 homicides, according to official figures.

Others, meanwhile, such as Italian chemist Professor Luigi Garlaschelli, believe that there is a more conventional explanation.

In particular, he believes that some statues can retain water over time which then leaks out through small cracks and fissures, giving the appearance of tears.

You can check out some of the footage of the phenomenon for yourself below.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (113)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #104 Posted by Stiff 10 days ago
That'll be the correct, tested, factual one. Annoying eh? How are you actually able to write this ***** whilst wearing restraints in a rubber room. I'm impressed.
Comment icon #105 Posted by XenoFish 10 days ago
I tend to give the paranormal a tiny bit of wiggle room. Only because I've had 3 maybe 4 experiences that still baffle me to this day. However stuff like this is hokey. Most paranormal claims have simple explanations. Doesn't matter the quality, quantity, or consistency of stories. The formula is memetic. Leaning on ancient models of reality isn't a valid answer either. 
Comment icon #106 Posted by Liquid Gardens 9 days ago
What you are seeing here is not 'rare' though, given the same conditions capillary action/siphoning will occur every time and I'm sure is a phenomena happening all over the place right now.  Scientists can create a statue of Mickey Mouse that will always do this given the same conditions, it involves scientific laws, we should suspect something's amiss if it didn't. Ha, why?  You always try to get onto other subjects because you can't really provide much evidence or reasoning for your position that can be discussed here, as usual it's the meanie skeptics who do more actual analysis and provi... [More]
Comment icon #107 Posted by papageorge1 9 days ago
This almost reads like you haven't been following the conversation. Nobody is doubting the physics of capillary action. The issue is that it cannot come close to accounting for the amount of milk that disappeared evidenced by videos and direct observers like: From Col. Bhardwaj (at left, with his wife, Hinduism Today correspondent Prabha) is a retired army officer with a degree in electrical and mechanical engineering as well as postgraduate diplomas in automotive engineering, armament and industrial management. I am an engineer of long standing. The theory that capillary action caused the s... [More]
Comment icon #108 Posted by Liquid Gardens 9 days ago
How do you know he's an expert?  How do you know that what he said happened, happened?  Did you ever respond to the post explaining how much would be required to put 100's of pints through in a couple hours?  There is a video of this quantity being sucked?  You also have not posted a source link for wherever you pulled this from.
Comment icon #109 Posted by Jaded1 9 days ago
We all know he pulled it from here
Comment icon #110 Posted by papageorge1 9 days ago
I am sure I can spend the rest of my life trying to document every paranormal event I believe ever happened and I am sure never to a determined skeptic's acceptance. My concern is: All things considered what is most reasonable for me to believe? From my many hours on religious icon miracles I believe something not explainable by current science sometimes occurs beyond reasonable doubt from the accumulated evidence and testimony and investigation. Also, I would not expect a determined skeptic to ever accept such a bizarre claim no matter how many more posts I create linking evidence. And then I... [More]
Comment icon #111 Posted by Liquid Gardens 9 days ago
To what end I wouldn't know, what you believe is irrelevant in this discussion.  Your post most obviously doesn't address a single thing that I asked you, I'm not even sure why you'd bother to quote my post in your response; when I accuse you of frequently trying to change the subject as soon as we get to the discussable and relevant part as I just did, providing an evasive post like this is known as 'ducking into the punch".  And this is how it is with everything; you claim you are persuaded by the quantity and quality of the stories you read and videos you watch, and as soon as I or anyone... [More]
Comment icon #112 Posted by csspwns 9 days ago
Confirmation bias and excuses.  Occurs beyond reasonable doubt? Then why is it so easy to poke holes in every claim you make? In typical conditions when you drop an object it will ALWAYS fall to the floor. That's what beyond a reasonable doubt means. Do any of your claims have that level of robustness? Definitely not, only according to your standards of what beyond reasonable doubt is. Luckily your low-quality standards aren't valued when it comes to the important things, so please stop misusing that term. It's painful to see as an academic.  You just need ONE quality example to change every... [More]
Comment icon #113 Posted by Sgt84801 6 days ago
Pretty cool phenomenon.

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