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Fatal close encounters: have people really been killed by UFOs ?

By T.K. Randall
May 28, 2024 · Comment icon 19 comments

Can UFOs actually kill ? Image Credit: Pixabay / KarstenBergmann
As strange as it may sound, there have been several cases of alleged 'death by UFO' over the decades.
In August 1967, Inacio de Souza of Brazil and his wife had been returning home when they encountered three humanoid entities next to a strange object shaped like an inverted wash basin.

The story goes that Souza had attempted to shoot one of the 'aliens' with his rifle, which prompted the mysterious object to fire a strange beam of green light directly at his head.

He immediately fell unconscious and in the days that followed, was found to have developed leukemia which rapidly progressed and ended up killing him within a mere two months.

"While some ufologists think the encounter and de Souza's illness are simply a tragic coincidence, others prefer to believe that the green light from the UFO was an intense beam of deadly radiation," author and UFO researcher Nigel Watson wrote of the incident.

This wasn't the only alleged case of 'death by UFO' either.

More than 75 years ago, pilot Thomas Mantell, who saw action during Word War II as a member of the 101st Airborne Division, had been serving as a fighter pilot with the Kentucky National Guard when he had an unexplained encounter that cost him his life.

The incident began on January 7th, 1948 when Kentucky State Police Highway Patrol started to receive calls at around 1:20pm in the afternoon about a strange object in the sky over Maysville.
Mantell was part of a group that had been tasked with venturing out to investigate the phenomenon.

When he, alongside his two wingmen, reached 15,000ft, they encountered an object described as "metallic" and "tremendous in size" that was moving at around half the speed of the planes.

"I felt a little shaky at 15,000ft because I realized we were supposed to take oxygen at 12,000," said Lt. B. A. Hammond who was one of the two wingmen accompanying Mantell that day.

"By the time I hit 22,000, I was seeing double. I pulled alongside Clements and indicated with gestures that I didn't have an oxygen mask. He understood the situation, and we turned back."

Mantell, however, decided to stay the course, despite the oxygen situation.

At around 3:50pm, the object had disappeared and Mantell, who was thought to have blacked out due to lack of oxygen, plummeted from the sky and died a few minutes later.

While the object was later dismissed as a mere weather balloon, many to this day remain unconvinced.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (19)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #10 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 15 days ago
I recall the Zygmund case well. Strange grease found on strange burn marks on his neck that couldn't be identified by scientists around a spate of UFO sightings. The Godfrey caee, he never did claim aliens, he was a 1980's copper, but under hypnosis he recalled aliens in detail thay abducted him a missing 40 minutes of time where he went radio silent. He said it was a dream later on, the hypnotherapy tells a different story.
Comment icon #11 Posted by the13bats 15 days ago
And I know the adamski case too, yes he had burns no.they were not strange except to true believers trying to make a alien abduction case out of a murder victim, strange grease? Please post any accredited reports by scientists that actually analyzed this alleged ointment. A coroner saying he didn't know what it was simply doesn't float as evidence I believe you will ignore or sidestep that simple but important request and since you know the case well it shouldn't be an issue for you to post such published report, otherwise it isn't evidence at all of aliens or anything paranormal. So you belie... [More]
Comment icon #12 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 14 days ago
Yes I believe the hypnotherapy results over a 1980's police officer. He would not have fitted in with the police culture of the day. He literally couldn't have told his story and been part of the squad banter. You say he just took a nap? And then tried to ruin his reputation later with a screaming rendition of an abduction? A 1980's copper? You do not understand the context do you? I'll look for the online scientific reports from 80's!!! lol. There also wasn't just grease on his burns, it was in his mouth too... but you'd have had to have been alive at the time to know this. The gate to the co... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by the13bats 14 days ago
This case isn't odd at all even his family said it was fowl play blaming other family members which even bufora agreed it wasnt aliens and bufora wanted to prove aliens. You need to do some scientific research on hypnosis, it's flaws what it really is and isn't, get caught up. I was alive in the 1980s ? So? You called it " grease" then you add it's in his mouth too, embellish as you go all you want thats super but don't cop out, if there is no punished report from accredited scientists of an analysis of your so called grease then it is amounts to zero nothing more than you guessing and specula... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by Golden Duck 14 days ago
Right. So taking quackery into account... alienz.  
Comment icon #15 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 13 days ago
And the lack displayed on the part on the scientists, hypnotherapists, eye witnesses, police records... yep they all had false memories. That must be it.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Golden Duck 13 days ago
Did you forget to type a word or two there? Whatevs, you are the one that said "[quackery] tells a different story."
Comment icon #17 Posted by the13bats 13 days ago
Did you find the accredited scientists published for peer review report of the analysis of the alleged alien grease? No? Well keep trying. Not once zero times has an alleged alien abduction been supported by evidence much less proven, we know eye witnesses are the worse in these cases totally flawed and that is proven, also proven is hypnosis is very flawed and causes people to confabulate fill in the blanks with fantasy as pointed out in ducks links sometimes with tragic results. Police records? In this case are just what? A man was found dead on a pile of coal and yes, humans murdereding oth... [More]
Comment icon #18 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 12 days ago
Your bubble bursting is it?  Just accusing an 80's copper of fibbing under hypnosis. Are you from the UK and.over 50 years old? I'm not sure you understand the context of this.
Comment icon #19 Posted by the13bats 12 days ago
Stop avoiding and deflecting... Where is your best case? Where are your accredited published scientific reports of your alien grease analysis?

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