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Space & Astronomy

Neil Armstrong's collection to go up for auction

7-21-2018 | 3

A number of personal mementos Armstrong took with him to the Moon are set to go up for sale at auction.

Space & Astronomy

Lost tapes solve 40-year-old Moon mystery

6-10-2018 | 12

Tapes containing data recorded on the Moon back in the 1970s have helped to solve a long-running mystery.

Space & Astronomy

Today marks 48 years since first Moon landing

 VIDEO  7-20-2017 | 11

Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong made history when they set foot on the lunar surface 48 years ago today.

Space & Astronomy

Neil Armstrong's bag could fetch up to $4M

5-23-2017 | 4

A bag used by the late astronaut to collect samples during the Apollo 11 mission is to be sold at auction.


Apollo astronaut: 'ET has never visited us'

3-28-2017 | 87

Alan Bean, one of only 12 people to walk on the Moon, doesn't believe we have ever been visited by aliens.

Space & Astronomy

Buzz Aldrin is evacuated from Antarctica

12-4-2016 | 14

The Apollo 11 astronaut fell ill just after becoming the oldest person ever to visit the South Pole.

Space & Astronomy

New mission aims to revisit Apollo 17 site

11-30-2016 | 30

The privately-funded endeavour aims to revisit the lunar rover left behind by the Apollo 17 astronauts.

Space & Astronomy

Apollo astronauts at risk of heart problems

7-29-2016 | 11

The astronauts who walked on the moon are up to five times more likely to die of cardiovascular disease.

Space & Astronomy

Aldrin: 'getting to Mars is the easy part'

2-28-2016 | 3

Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin has stated that surviving on Mars will be a lot harder than getting there.

Space & Astronomy

Astronauts heard 'music' on moon's far side

 VIDEO  2-21-2016 | 39

The crew of Apollo 10 recalled hearing strange 'space music' while orbiting the far side of the moon.

Space & Astronomy

Apollo astronaut Ed Mitchell dies aged 85

 VIDEO  2-6-2016 | 8

The Apollo 14 astronaut became the sixth man ever to set foot on the surface of the moon back in 1971.

Space & Astronomy

Apollo 16 rocket impact site mystery solved

1-9-2016 | 8

Scientists have finally discovered the spot where Apollo 16's S-IVB rocket stage impacted on the moon.

Space & Astronomy

Watch worn on the moon has sold for $1.6M

 VIDEO  10-25-2015 | 9

A unique watch worn by astronaut David Scott during the Apollo 15 moon mission has been sold at auction.


Russian man aims to prove US moon landings

10-8-2015 | 43

Vitaly Yegorov has managed to raise over 1 million rubles online to fund a new lunar satellite mission.

Space & Astronomy

Buzz Aldrin spearheads plan to colonize Mars

8-29-2015 | 2

The legendary Apollo 11 astronaut is aiming to see an active human colony on Mars by the year 2039.


Ed Mitchell claims ET prevented a nuclear war

8-15-2015 | 288

Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell believes that visitors from space may have prevented armageddon.

Space & Astronomy

Buzz Aldrin publishes moon expenses form

8-3-2015 | 9

The legendary Apollo 11 astronaut revealed that he'd been reimbursed $33.31 for costs during the trip.


Russia hints at US moon landing investigation

6-18-2015 | 230

A Russian government official has proposed an international investigation in to the moon landings.

Space & Astronomy

Armstrong's secret Apollo stash discovered

2-9-2015 | 31

A bag filled with items brought back from the Apollo 11 mission has been found in Neil Armstrong's house.

The UFO Phenomenon

Was tape used to cover up Apollo 7 UFO ?

1-25-2015 | 26

A peculiar object was recorded high above the Earth by astronauts during an early manned mission.

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