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World of the Bizarre

Indonesia to use crocodiles as prison guards

11-11-2015 | 13

A remarkable new plan could see drug convicts incarcerated within a prison guarded by crocodiles.

Nature & Environment

Crocodiles really do sleep with one eye open

10-23-2015 | 7

Crocodiles are thought to be capable of keeping a watchful eye out even when they seem to be fast asleep.


Huge bipedal crocodile predated dinosaurs

3-19-2015 | 21

A ferocious crocodile that walked on two legs proved a fearsome predator before the age of the dinosaurs.


Pre-dinosaur crocodile relative unearthed

1-22-2015 | 6

Palaeontologists have discovered the remains of a carnivorous reptile dating back 240 million years.

World of the Bizarre

Police apprehend 'crocodile' in Plymouth

10-19-2014 | 17

Officers were called out this week after a panicked resident reported seeing a crocodile in their garden.

World of the Bizarre

Mexican mayor marries a crocodile 'princess'

7-10-2014 | 25

Major Joel Vasquez Rojas tied the knot with his betrothed in an elaborate wedding ceremony this week.


42ft snake once fought with 16ft crocodile

5-29-2014 | 13

Two behemoths of the prehistoric world may have battled for dominance in rivers 60 million years ago.

Nature & Environment

Crocodiles are able to climb trees

2-12-2014 | 28

Researchers have discovered that crocodiles and alligators are remarkably adept at climbing up trees.


Triassic 'swamp monster' fossil unearthed

1-31-2014 | 6

The remains of a prehistoric crocodile-like creature have been discovered in the wilds of west Texas.

Nature & Environment

Crocodiles use tools to hunt birds

12-3-2013 | 12

Crocodiles and alligators have been observed using a special technique to lure and catch birds.

World of the Bizarre

Man discovers 8ft crocodile under his bed

9-19-2013 | 22

Guy Whittall managed to sleep for the entire night with the enormous reptile directly beneath him.

Nature & Environment

Giant killer crocodile breaks world record

7-3-2012 | 36

A massive crocodile caught in the Philippines has been confirmed as the largest in the world.

Nature & Environment

Giant dog-eating crocodile captured

5-7-2012 | 16

A huge crocodile that ate nine pet dogs within the last month has finally been caught in Australia.


30ft prehistoric crocodile discovered

2-2-2012 | 5

A skull of a giant crocodile that lived 95 million years ago has been unearthed in Morocco.

Nature & Environment

Crocodile turns orange

9-28-2011 | 11

An Australian crocodile puzzled keepers this month when it unexpectedly turned orange.


Scientists find giant extinct crocodile

9-16-2011 | 3

A gigantic 20-foot crocodile would have lived alongside the world's largest snake - the Titanoboa.

Nature & Environment

Giant crocodile captured in Philippines

9-6-2011 | 34

The largest crocodile to be caught alive in years is to become part of a new ecotourism park.


Massive prehistoric crocodile fossil found

7-17-2011 | 16

Terminonaris would have been 25ft in length and walked the Earth some 100 million years ago.

Nature & Environment

8m crocodile lurks in Queensland river

11-24-2010 | 28

Locals in Queensland's Gulf country have reported sightings of an 8m long crocodile in the area.

Nature & Environment

Immense crocodile photographs unveiled

8-7-2010 | 26

A massive crocodile measuring over 22ft in length was killed after terrorising a remote Aboriginal community.

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