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Nature & Environment

Prospector films possible black panther in Victoria, Australia

5-6-2024 | 7

The animal, which looked unusually large for a domestic cat, was seen bounding through a nearby field.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO expert posts up AI-enhanced image of object spotted over Juarez

1-22-2023 | 14

Jaime Maussan used artificial intelligence software to enhance the original image of a 'round, domed ship'.

The UFO Phenomenon

Stunning 'UFO' mirage is an optical illusion

 VIDEO  8-8-2021 | 19

Recently uploaded footage shows what looks like a dome-shaped UFO slowly moving along the horizon.


Was the Dome of Light a secret Soviet weapon ?

11-1-2020 | 5

New details have emerged of a peculiar Cold War-era phenomenon associated with Soviet missile launches.

Science & Technology

Hawaii 'lava dome' revealed in throwback image

4-8-2018 | 6

This remarkable dome of churning molten magma was photographed in Hawaii by the US Geological Survey.

Space & Astronomy

Mars simulation crew to emerge after 8 months

 VIDEO  9-17-2017 | 5

The crew of six NASA astronauts has been living in a dome near one of Hawaii's largest volcanoes.

Nature & Environment

Cats were first domesticated 9,000 years ago

6-19-2017 | 14

A major new study has revealed how cats went from wild animals to one of mankind's closest friends.

Space & Astronomy

Mars simulation has ended after 12 months

 VIDEO  8-31-2016 | 1

Six scientists have been living in a dome for the last year in an effort to simulate a mission to Mars.

Science & Technology

Google firm reveals its new bipedal robot

 VIDEO  4-11-2016 | 8

Japanese robotics company Schaft has revealed a new domestic robot capable of carrying heavy loads.

World of the Bizarre

Police called over man's battle with a spider

11-27-2015 | 15

Police officers in Sydney, Australia were called to the scene of a possible domestic violence incident.

Space & Astronomy

One-year Mars isolation simulation has begun

8-30-2015 | 20

Six people will spend the next year living in a dome in Hawaii to simulate a manned mission to Mars.


Did dogs help us outsmart the Neanderthals ?

3-4-2015 | 7

The early domestication of wolves by modern humans may have tipped the balance in our favor.

Science & Technology

Will cats ever be as domesticated as dogs ?

11-16-2014 | 41

A new study has revealed that household cats, unlike dogs, are likely to be only semi-domesticated.


Dogs helped drive mammoths to extinction

6-2-2014 | 15

Early humans may have relied on domesticated dogs to help them hunt down and kill woolly mammoths.

Science & Technology

Dyson invests in domestic robot development

2-9-2014 | 12

Automated robots with artificial intelligence could soon be taking over all our menial household tasks.

World of the Bizarre

'Devil cat' terrorizes villagers

11-28-2013 | 25

An otherwise unremarkable domestic cat is responsible for a spate of attacks in a quiet Cornish village.

Science & Technology

Domestic cats are 95% tiger

10-1-2013 | 27

Researchers have succeeded in sequencing the genome of several species of endangered big cats.

World of the Bizarre

Man is born with his heart in his abdomen

8-23-2013 | 12

Huang Rongming has undergone surgery to address a very rare case of congenital heart displacement.


Were horses domesticated 50,000 years ago?

8-7-2013 | 16

Evidence of prehistoric horse domestication has been discovered in Siberia's Denisova Cave.

Science & Technology

'3-D printed' dome uses 6,500 live silkworms

7-13-2013 | 2

An experiment at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has produced a remarkable silk dome.

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