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Science & Technology

22% of energy now from renewable sources

8-31-2014 | 16

Almost a quarter of the world's electricity supply is now being produced from renewable energy sources.

Nature & Environment

Electric life forms live on pure energy

 VIDEO  7-20-2014 | 42

Scientists have identified extraordinary types of bacteria that literally live and breath electrons.

World of the Bizarre

Cosmetics firm in bid to lighten the Moon

4-21-2014 | 32

The company wants to make the Moon brighter for the purpose of lowering global energy usage.

Science & Technology

Floating wind turbines could power the future

 VIDEO  3-30-2014 | 27

A remarkable new type of wind turbine that floats in the sky could soon become a common sight worldwide.

Science & Technology

USAF to develop new energy weapons

4-4-2013 | 12

The Air Force is researching the biological effects of using non-lethal energy weapons on humans.

Science & Technology

Large Hadron Collider upgrades begin

4-3-2013 | 23

The particle accelerator that lead to the discovery of the Higgs Boson is to have its energy doubled.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Do Einstein's laws prove ghosts exist?

11-11-2011 | 77

Could Einstein's law of energy conservation help to offer evidence for the existence of ghosts ?

Science & Technology

Cold fusion confirmed in E-Cat test

10-14-2011 | 50

Andrea Rossi's cold fusion energy catalyzer has been successfully demonstrated in a recent test.

World of the Bizarre

"Deer with wings" causes power outage

6-21-2011 | 49

A "flying deer" has been identified by an energy company as the cause of a power outage in Montana.

Science & Technology

The world's largest solar-powered boat

5-30-2011 | 5

The Turanor PlanetSolar is circumnavigating the world's oceans to prove that renewable energy can work.

Science & Technology

E-Cat Cold fusion independently validated

5-20-2011 | 49

The new reactor is gaining momentum and could be the answer to providing clean, unlimited energy.

Science & Technology

Scientists turn gold to purple

1-28-2011 | 17

A new way to harvest energy from sunlight has been found as gold turns purple in a new experiment.

Science & Technology

New solar fuel machine unveiled

12-27-2010 | 7

A new solar device that can convert solar energy in to transportable fuel has been developed.

Science & Technology

Urine could hold the key to low cost energy

8-20-2010 | 10

University researchers in Edinburgh have developed a system to test if urine could be used to make fuel cells.

Science & Technology

Dark energy may not actually exist at all

6-16-2010 | 14

A new study has suggested that the mysterious dark matter and energy in our universe may not actually exist at all.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Druids hired to cut road accidents

5-20-2010 | 14

Austrian motorway bosses have hired druids to drain the negative energy from infamous accident black spots.

Space & Astronomy

Massive black holes could kill whole galaxies

5-5-2010 |

Super massive black holes contain enough energy to cause untold galactic devastation scientists have found.

Metaphysics & Psychology

You can really feel a person's stare

4-11-2010 | 173

A noted psychiatrist has published data suggesting that the eyes emit energy that can be captured and measured.

Science & Technology

LHC to start high energy 'God Particle' hunt

3-30-2010 | 32

The Large Hadron Collider is being geared up to begin its high-energy hunt for the 'God Particle'.

Science & Technology

Large Hadron Collider smashes energy record

3-20-2010 | 15

The Large Hadron Collider has broken its own energy record with two 3.5 trillion volt proton beams.

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