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Science & Technology

Man suffering from very rare condition sees 'demon' faces everywhere

3-26-2024 | 4

'Demon face syndrome' is a very real, but rare, condition that causes sufferers to see demonic faces on ordinary people.

Modern Mysteries

Monolith mystery resurfaces as new structure shows up in Wales

3-12-2024 | 0

Four years on from the appearance of several mysterious monoliths, another has suddenly shown up on a Welsh hill.

Science & Technology

What exactly is intelligence and could it really be an ethical liability ?

10-14-2023 | 7

Richard van Oort takes a look at intelligence and its role in the existential threats that our civilization currently faces.

Science & Technology

Pregnant women could help to solve the mysteries of pareidolia

10-1-2023 | 1

Pareidolia is the brain's tendency to perceive meaningful shapes in abstract patterns, such as seeing faces in the clouds.

World of the Bizarre

YouTuber faces jail after deliberately crashing his plane for views

 VIDEO  5-12-2023 | 13

Trevor Jacob has admitted to crashing his plane on purpose to attract subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Classic Bigfoot encounter resurfaces in report from 1999

2-7-2023 | 15

The incident allegedly involved a group of children who came across a large bipedal ape-like creature in the woods.

Science & Technology

Brain-computer interfaces could create AI-controlled supersoldiers

12-10-2022 | 5

The ethical considerations of brain-computer interfaces are likely to be a hot topic in the coming decades.


Former CIA 'Agent Kewper' Area 51 deathbed confession resurfaces

 VIDEO  12-2-2022 | 109

A 2013 interview with a former-CIA agent who claimed to have intimate knowledge of Area 51 has been doing the rounds this week.

Archaeology & History

Long-lost Dead Sea Scroll resurfaces 60 years later

9-9-2022 | 3

One of the historic scrolls has unexpectedly turned up some six decades after it was thought to have been lost.

Space & Astronomy

Image of 'carved face' on Martian rock resurfaces

8-11-2022 | 16

This intriguing photograph seems to show a carved rock face on the surface of Mars... or does it ?


Why do we see 'doors', 'pyramids' and 'faces' on Mars?

5-28-2022 | 25

Images of anomalous objects on the Red Planet have been doing the rounds for years, but none of them are quite what they seem.

Science & Technology

Scientists unlock the secrets of pareidolia

7-7-2021 | 2

From Bigfoot on the Moon to the face of Jesus in a piece of toast - why do we see faces where none exist ?

Creatures, Myths & Legends

1970s 'Mothman' photograph surfaces

3-24-2021 | 153

Allegedly captured five decades ago in the US, this photograph shows an unidentified creature in the trees.


Human ancestor facial reconstructions revealed

3-5-2021 | 5

Scientists have painstakingly recreated the faces of two of our earliest ancestors dating back millions of years.

World of the Bizarre

Real-life Pennywise faces jail time in Ukraine

 VIDEO  12-21-2019 | 8

A notorious prankster who has been terrifying random passers-by is now facing up to 5 years imprisonment.

World of the Bizarre

Kitten named Duo was born with two faces

 VIDEO  11-9-2019 | 1

Despite being born with a potentially fatal condition, the plucky little feline has so far defied all the odds.

World of the Bizarre

Man faces jail for using a live cat as a weapon

11-3-2019 | 9

A Russian man could go to prison for five years for using a pet cat to attack a police officer.

Modern Mysteries

Amelia Earhart giant crabs theory resurfaces

8-26-2019 | 22

Researchers have suggested that the aviator's remains were dragged off by coconut crabs after she died.

World of the Bizarre

Man faces jail for calling police 45,210 times

10-23-2018 | 10

The Turkish man reportedly made over 100 calls to the police per day, every day, for an entire year.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

New Loch Ness Monster footage surfaces

 VIDEO  6-1-2018 | 58

Eoin O'Faodhagain from Donegal captured the video from a webcam that overlooks the famous Scottish loch.

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