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World of the Bizarre

Saskatchewan farmer finds house in his field

11-3-2017 | 26

Patrick Maze was shocked to discover that an entire house had appeared on his property overnight.

Space & Astronomy

Huge magnetic tail discovered behind Mars

10-22-2017 | 7

NASA scientists have revealed the existence of an invisible magnetic tail trailing behind the Red Planet.

Archaeology & History

Man finds huge haul of Roman coins in a field

10-1-2017 | 7

Thought to be worth more than $250,000, the once-in-a-lifetime discovery was made using a metal detector.

Nature & Environment

Giant spider webs cover field in New Zealand

 VIDEO  4-27-2017 | 12

Fascinating new footage has emerged online showing an entire field engulfed by a huge expanse of cobwebs.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds huge haul of WWII dog tags

4-11-2017 | 7

Military expert Dan Mackay found 14,000 Word War II dog tags buried in a field just outside London.

Space & Astronomy

NASA proposes magnetic shield around Mars

3-3-2017 | 15

Scientists have put forward a plan to terraform Mars by surrounding the planet with a magnetic field.

Science & Technology

'Flying Bum' airship has crashed already

 VIDEO  8-24-2016 | 10

The world's largest aircraft, the Airlander 10, has crashed while landing in a field after a test flight.

Science & Technology

UK soldiers test out new 'invisibility cloak'

3-21-2016 | 13

British troops have been conducting field trials of a new type of camouflage material known as Vatec.

The UFO Phenomenon

Navy whistleblower claims knowledge of UFOs

2-26-2016 | 140

An unidentified US Navy officer claims that he saw evidence of UFOs at the Moffett Field naval base.

Science & Technology

Researchers develop 'freeze ray' lasers

11-22-2015 | 9

A breakthrough in the field of laser cooling could open the door to a wide range of new applications.


Mammoth remains found in a Michigan field

 VIDEO  10-4-2015 | 4

The impressive woolly mammoth bones were discovered quite unexpectedly by two local farmers.

Science & Technology

Magnetic wormhole created in a laboratory

8-22-2015 | 10

Scientists have managed to create a device that can transmit a magnetic field from one place to another.

Modern Mysteries

Drone investigates crop circles in Russia

 VIDEO  6-17-2015 | 8

New aerial footage has been released showing an intricate pattern of circles in a field in Russia.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Poltergeist drama sees actors spooked

 VIDEO  5-2-2015 | 15

Actors working on a series about the Enfield poltergeist have reported strange occurrences on the set.

Space & Astronomy

Has NASA just discovered warp drive ?

4-28-2015 | 70

The space agency has reportedly produced a Star Trek style 'warp field' inside an experimental engine.


NASA steps up the search for alien life

4-24-2015 | 6

The space agency has formed a new coalition of scientists from a wide range of different fields.

Nature & Environment

Diver films huge pyramid of spider crabs

 VIDEO  4-19-2015 | 21

44-year-old PT Hirschfield captured the remarkable spectacle on camera near Melbourne, Australia.

Science & Technology

Boeing developing 'Star Wars' force fields

3-23-2015 | 11

The aerospace giant has been granted a patent for a way to shield against explosion shockwaves.

World of the Bizarre

Stranded seal found 20 miles from the ocean

 VIDEO  12-23-2014 | 22

Residents of rural merseyside were perplexed when the young seaborne mammal turned up in a field.

Space & Astronomy

Earth protected by invisible 'force field'

11-28-2014 | 46

Scientists have identified an invisible shield around our planet that protects us from deadly electrons.

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