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Science & Technology

USAF shows interest in 'Hexa' VTOL aircraft

 VIDEO  8-26-2020 | 3

US Air Force leaders were on-hand to witness a test flight of the drone-like Hexa 'flying car' last week.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Orbit debut rocket launch ends in failure

5-26-2020 | 5

Sir Richard Branson's new satellite launching company didn't have much luck with its debut flight yesterday.

Space & Astronomy

Astronauts rehearse for Crew Dragon flight

 VIDEO  5-24-2020 | 2

Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will be blasting off to the ISS aboard a Crew Dragon spacecraft on Wednesday.

Space & Astronomy

NASA spaceflight boss unexpectedly resigns

5-21-2020 | 17

Doug Loverro, head of NASA's human spaceflight program, has stepped down from his position.


Woman wakes up all alone in cold, dark plane

6-24-2019 | 13

Tiffani Adams fell asleep during her flight and awoke to find that she was trapped alone in the parked plane.

The UFO Phenomenon

Turkish airline pilot films UFO during flight

 VIDEO  5-13-2019 | 115

Pilot Atilla Senturk and his crew encountered a strange object during a routine flight from Istanbul to Cologne.

Natural World

Florida invaded by huge swarms of lovebugs

 VIDEO  5-8-2019 | 12

The short-lived insects have embarked on their bi-annual flight, leaving streets and homes completely engulfed.

Space & Astronomy

Crew Dragon launches on first flight to ISS

 VIDEO  3-2-2019 | 9

The unmanned test flight brings NASA one step closer to being able to launch its own crewed missions again.

Science & Technology

First ever 'solid state' plane takes flight

 VIDEO  11-22-2018 | 6

An aircraft with no moving parts has successfully flown a distance of 60 meters using 'ionic wind' technology.


Mystery surrounds tanker flight over Area 51

11-12-2018 | 13

A Boeing NKC-135R was tracked flying over the secretive facility multiple times back on September 20th.

Natural World

'Bird from Atlantis' mystery finally solved

11-5-2018 | 20

The origin of a flightless bird found only on a remote island in the Atlantic has puzzled scientists for years.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pilot vanished during 1978 UFO encounter

7-30-2018 | 24

Frederick Valentich disappeared without a trace after encountering a UFO on a flight to King Island, Tasmania.

Space & Astronomy

Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity reaches 170,000ft

 VIDEO  7-27-2018 | 3

The third rocket-powered test flight of SpaceShipTwo provided its pilots with a spectacular view of our planet.

Science & Technology

Real-life 'Iron Man' suit has gone on sale

 VIDEO  7-19-2018 | 5

Inventor Richard Browning's impressive flight suit is now available to purchase for a whopping $440,000.

Modern Mysteries

Hunt for MH370 solves 140-year-old mystery

5-4-2018 | 3

A sonar search for flight MH370 has uncovered the wrecks of two ships that went missing in the 1800s.

Space & Astronomy

VSS Unity completes first powered flight

 VIDEO  4-10-2018 | 3

Virgin Galactic's new spaceplane blasted through the sky on Thursday after firing its rocket engine for the first time.

Science & Technology

NASA to develop a new 'quiet' supersonic jet

2-13-2018 | 2

The US government is funding a new experimental aircraft known as the Low-Boom Flight Demonstrator.

Space & Astronomy

SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch is a huge success

 VIDEO  2-6-2018 | 86

The world's most powerful rocket has successfully blasted off in to the heavens on its first test flight.

Modern Mysteries

MH370 search vessel disappears for 3 days

2-6-2018 | 7

The ship tasked with locating the wreck of flight MH370 went dark for several days and nobody knows why.

Science & Technology

Vahana 'flying car' passes first flight test

2-5-2018 | 5

The autonomous flying passenger drone has taken to the skies for the first time at a test site in Oregon.

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