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Science & Technology

Mysterious yellow glass in Libya traced back to extraterrestrial impact

11-22-2023 | 12

Geoscientist Elizaveta Kovaleva explains how she and her colleagues unraveled the mystery of the yellow desert glass.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Creepy figure shows up in photo at notoriously haunted jail

4-21-2022 | 14

Paranormal investigator Candice Collins maintains that this image shows the spirit of an old man with glasses.

Ghosts & Hauntings

CCTV shows haunted pub glass 'spontaneously shattering'

12-11-2021 | 26

The recently captured footage shows a glass shattering all on its own right in front of staff and customers.

Science & Technology

'Liquid glass' identified as new state of matter

 VIDEO  1-8-2021 | 11

Scientists have revealed the discovery of a whole new state of matter within the transformation of glass.

Archaeology & History

Volcanic eruption turned victims' brains to glass

1-23-2020 | 1

This dire fate awaited the residents of Herculaneum when Mount Vesuvius erupted in the year 79.

World of the Bizarre

Tiger's attack on boy thwarted by glass barrier

12-29-2019 | 7

One young zoo visitor recently got quite a scare when a tiger came charging towards him behind a glass wall.

Nature & Environment

Monkey uses rock to smash enclosure glass

 VIDEO  8-27-2019 | 9

Footage showing a monkey using a sharpened rock to break the glass at a zoo in China has recently gone viral.

Science & Technology

Egypt's exotic canary yellow glass identified

5-16-2019 | 3

Scientists have finally determined the origins of a mysterious yellow glass found in the African desert.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Beer glass explodes on camera in 'haunted' pub

 VIDEO  1-7-2019 | 32

CCTV footage from The Salmon pub in Belford, England shows a glass spontaneously shattering in to pieces.

Science & Technology

Glasses wearers are smarter, new study claims

5-31-2018 | 29

Researchers have determined that intelligent people are 30 percent more likely to have eyesight problems.

World of the Bizarre

Insane skyscraper 'Sky Pool' has glass bottom

 VIDEO  4-12-2017 | 24

Houston's Market Square Tower has a rather unique swimming pool that only the brave dare venture in to.

Space & Astronomy

NASA could use the Sun as a magnifying glass

3-18-2017 | 12

Scientists at JPL have come up with an ambitious new plan to get a better look at extrasolar planets.

Nature & Environment

Aging bonobos need reading glasses to groom

11-8-2016 | 4

Scientists studying bonobos reveal that it is not only humans who suffer from diminishing eyesight.

Science & Technology

'Smart' window could make curtains obselete

3-16-2016 | 13

Researchers at Harvard University have developed a way to quickly change the opacity of a glass window.

Science & Technology

'5-D' glass disc can store terabytes of data

2-18-2016 | 19

Scientists have created a new type of data storage that can keep information safe for billions of years.

Modern Mysteries

Glass 'moves on its own' while live on air

 VIDEO  12-8-2015 | 18

A glass was seen sliding across a table by itself during a live morning breakfast show in Honduras.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Ghost' throws pint glasses off pub shelves

 VIDEO  8-20-2015 | 28

An unseen force has been caught hurling glassware off the shelves in newly released CCTV footage.

Space & Astronomy

Mars glass could preserve evidence of life

6-13-2015 | 7

Deposits of impact glass on the surface of Mars could potentially contain traces of ancient life forms.

Nature & Environment

Hikers walk across crystal clear frozen lake

 VIDEO  12-11-2014 | 24

Tomas Nunuk and his friends stepped on to ice so clear that it was like walking on a sheet of glass.

Science & Technology

Geckos inspire real-life Spider-Man suit

 VIDEO  11-19-2014 | 8

Scientists have developed a sophisticated new system that can enable someone to climb up a glass wall.

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