Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Doubts raised over alleged 'Bigfoot' spotted on Google Earth

1-30-2023 | 86

The image of an alleged Bigfoot found on Google's satellite mapping service has been dividing opinion this week.

Science & Technology

Software engineer claims Google's new AI is sentient

6-12-2022 | 30

A senior software engineer at Google believes that the search giant's LaMDA AI tool has become self-aware.

Science & Technology

Amazon wants to use radar to track your sleep

7-12-2021 | 23

The online giant's next 'Echo' device will reportedly be capable of actively monitoring your sleeping habits.

Modern Mysteries

What were 2020's most searched mysteries ?

12-28-2020 | 7

A new analysis of Google search data over the last 12 months has revealed some interesting global trends.

Modern Mysteries

Netflix posts up 'Unsolved Mysteries' evidence

7-15-2020 | 4

Amateur sleuths have been poring over a Google Drive archive of evidence pertaining to the show's new cases.


Underground entrances to Area 51 discovered

 VIDEO  6-2-2020 | 12

An eagle-eyed Google Earth user has identified what appear to be several underground tunnel entrances.

Science & Technology

Man fools Google Maps using 99 mobile phones

 VIDEO  2-4-2020 | 4

Artist Simon Weckert recently found a mischievous way to create a fake traffic jam on Google's mapping service.


'Area 51' among 2019's most searched terms

12-11-2019 | 6

Google has revealed the events, people and things that were searched for the most over the last 12 months.

Science & Technology

Artificial intelligence knows when you will die

3-30-2019 | 5

A Google-based AI can determine when hospital patients will die with an accuracy of around 95 percent.

Science & Technology

Taiwan's secret bases inadvertently revealed

2-17-2019 | 5

The latest Google Earth update has ended up revealing the locations of Taiwan's hidden missile bases.

World of the Bizarre

School renamed 'Hell on Earth' on Google Maps

2-5-2019 | 8

A troublesome pupil at a school in England succeeded in changing its name on Google as a prank.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery of 'UFO' near Bermuda Triangle solved

12-21-2018 | 7

One eagle-eyed Google Street View user recently came across a very unusual object in the clouds over Florida.

Modern Mysteries

Google Earth underwater plane mystery solved

11-8-2018 | 4

Robert Morton had been browsing a satellite map of Edinburgh when he spotted a submerged plane offshore.

Modern Mysteries

Man claims discovery of MH370 in Cambodia

9-5-2018 | 50

A British man claims that he has discovered the missing airliner in the jungles of Cambodia using Google Earth.

Science & Technology

Google AI can now pick out voices in a crowd

 VIDEO  4-16-2018 | 1

The search giant has developed new software that can isolate individual voices in a crowded room.

Science & Technology

Larry Page's autonomous flying taxi revealed

 VIDEO  3-14-2018 | 1

The Google co-founder's flying car start-up Kitty Hawk has created a two-person passenger drone called Cora.

Space & Astronomy

NASA finds entire solar system like our own

 VIDEO  12-14-2017 | 10

The space agency has made an important new exoplanet discovery using a Google artificial intelligence.

Science & Technology

Google's AI has built another, superior AI

12-5-2017 | 34

The Google Brain project has created an AI that is capable of designing a 'child' AI superior to itself.

Archaeology & History

Mystery stone structures found in Saudi Arabia

10-26-2017 | 12

Over 400 unexplained structures have been discovered in the Saudi Arabian desert using Google Earth.

Science & Technology

Google invents an AI that learns on its own

 VIDEO  10-18-2017 | 19

The search giant has developed an artificial intelligence capable of learning without human intervention.

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