Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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World of the Bizarre

Bored housewife spends years faking Russian history on Wikipedia

7-18-2022 | 8

An incredible hoax spanning hundreds of articles on the world's biggest online encyclopedia was recently exposed.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Coyote Peterson's 'Bigfoot' skull video released

 VIDEO  7-9-2022 | 173

The video, which shows the discovery of an alleged Sasquatch skull, has revealed the entire thing to be a hoax.


Absurd conspiracy theory claims that the Roman Empire is a hoax

12-2-2021 | 25

A ludicrous new conspiracy theory doing the rounds online is claiming that the Romans never existed.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Weird 'creature' in India turns out to be a hoax

9-11-2020 | 28

Photographs of a very strange creature have generated quite a stir on social media over the last few days.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Attenborough: 'of course Nessie is a hoax'

9-22-2019 | 16

The legendary naturalist recently made his feelings about the famous monster very clear in a handwritten note.


Belief in Apollo hoax conspiracy could grow

 VIDEO  4-30-2019 | 1126

NASA's former chief historian is concerned that more people will subscribe to the hoax theory as time goes on.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds death of 'resurrected' man

4-14-2019 | 7

The man at the center of a hoaxed 'resurrection' in South Africa has since died under suspicious circumstances.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Cottingley fairies photos to go up for auction

3-31-2019 | 17

The original photographs at the center of one of the 20th century's most infamous hoaxes could fetch over $90k.

World of the Bizarre

South African 'resurrection' hoax goes viral

 VIDEO  2-27-2019 | 8

A pastor who 'resurrected' a man at a funeral recently is now at the center of a viral Internet phenomenon.

The UFO Phenomenon

Britain's best UFO invasion hoax turns 50

9-7-2017 | 6

Back in 1967, a group of students managed to pull off one of the most convincing UFO hoaxes in history.

Modern Mysteries

Is the Voynich manuscript an elaborate hoax ?

9-25-2016 | 29

Cryptographers have been attempting to decipher the text's mysterious symbols and diagrams for decades.


Who was behind the 1912 Piltdown Man hoax ?

8-11-2016 | 11

The man responsible for the infamous hoaxed skull has finally been exposed more than 100 years later.


Kubrick's daughter debunks moon conspiracy

7-6-2016 | 20

The daughter of film director Stanley Kubrick has posted a message aimed at moon conspiracy theorists.

Archaeology & History

King Arthur's grave was a medieval hoax

3-28-2016 | 7

The grave site of King Arthur at Glastonbury Abbey was actually a hoax designed to attract more visitors.

World of the Bizarre

'800-year-old mobile' hoax circulates the web

 VIDEO  12-30-2015 | 34

The claim that an ancient mobile phone has been unearthed in Austria has been doing the rounds online.

The UFO Phenomenon

Did MI5 pay people to make fake crop circles?

9-25-2015 | 26

A former RAF engineer claims that MI5 hired crop circle hoaxers to discredit the UFO phenomenon.

The UFO Phenomenon

Hoaxers fool thousands with fake UFO snaps

9-26-2014 | 40

Several images showing a strange object hovering over Portsmouth have turned out to be fake.


Graphics demo disproves Apollo hoax claim

9-20-2014 | 525

Graphics giant Nvidia has used its latest GPU to debunk several common Apollo hoax arguments.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Real-life 'Gollum' turns out to be a hoax

 VIDEO  6-27-2014 | 29

A strange Gollum-like creature photographed in China has been revealed to be an actor in a costume.

World of the Bizarre

Dinosaur cloning hoax circulates the Internet

3-31-2014 | 19

The prank news item claimed that British scientists had managed to clone a live dinosaur called 'Spot'.

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