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Science & Technology

Is time an illusion ? Logic alone may be enough to prove that it doesn't exist

4-23-2024 | 2

The nature of time itself remains an enduring enigma - but can it be solved using logical thinking alone ?

Space & Astronomy

Expansion of the universe may be an illusion, new study claims

6-25-2023 | 17

Scientists have long believed that the universe is expanding, but what if it isn't ?

World of the Bizarre

'Beach' optical illusion has been perplexing the Internet this week

3-12-2023 | 6

An optical illusion that has been doing the rounds for years has resurfaced once again on social media.

World of the Bizarre

Tunnel optical illusion leaves driver baffled

 VIDEO  5-5-2022 | 4

A mind-boggling optical illusion in a tunnel in the US left one driver so perplexed that he didn't want to drive on.

World of the Bizarre

Legs optical illusion leaves people scratching their heads

4-7-2022 | 8

A mind-bending optical illusion shows two people hugging one another - but which legs belong to which person ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Stunning 'UFO' mirage is an optical illusion

 VIDEO  8-8-2021 | 19

Recently uploaded footage shows what looks like a dome-shaped UFO slowly moving along the horizon.

Modern Mysteries

Weird audio illusion leaves listeners divided

 VIDEO  6-10-2021 | 36

A short audio clip of a football crowd chanting over and over has proven rather difficult to interpret.

Modern Mysteries

'Glitch in the Matrix' as plane hovers motionless

 VIDEO  6-30-2020 | 22

Intriguing footage shows an airliner seemingly hovering motionless in the air - but is it just an optical illusion?

World of the Bizarre

'Floating bin' illusion baffles the Internet

4-9-2020 | 25

A very strange optical illusion showing what looks like a floating wheelie bin has recently gone viral online.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Are near-death experiences merely illusions ?

8-19-2019 | 383

Some patients who 'died' for a short period have reported things that they couldn't possibly have known about.

World of the Bizarre

'Beach' optical illusion confuses the Internet

7-10-2019 |

This seemingly unremarkable image appears to show a tranquil shoreline on a starry evening, or does it ?

Metaphysics & Psychology

'Time-traveling illusion' tricks the brain

 VIDEO  10-10-2018 | 13

Researchers at the California Institute of Technology have developed an intriguing new sensory illusion.

Science & Technology

Optical illusion can determine how old you are

9-23-2018 | 22

According to researchers, your age group can be determined by how you initially interpret this image.

World of the Bizarre

'Invisible car' illusion baffles the Internet

9-14-2018 | 18

The photograph, which was posted on Reddit, shows a car with so much shine that it appears almost invisible.

Modern Mysteries

Speech-to-song audio illusion hits the Web

6-10-2018 | 10

Scientists have been investigating why words repeatedly spoken out loud sound like they are being sung.

Modern Mysteries

'Green needle' audio illusion emerges online

 VIDEO  5-21-2018 | 63

Hot on the heels of 'laurel or yanny' comes another audio clip that seems to say two completely different things.

World of the Bizarre

Audio illusion has been baffling the Internet

 VIDEO  5-17-2018 | 87

A simple audio clip of a word being spoken has divided listeners who can't agree on what the word actually is.

Science & Technology

Why does this arrow always point to the right?

 VIDEO  5-7-2018 | 11

This fascinating optical illusion by mathematician Kokichi Sugihara has left Internet users scratching their heads.

Science & Technology

Silent animation makes a 'thudding' sound

12-4-2017 | 28

An animated GIF of a jumping pylon seems to create the illusion of sound even when there is none.

World of the Bizarre

Car appears out of nowhere in puzzling footage

 VIDEO  10-20-2017 | 23

An intriguing optical illusion has been leaving social media users scratching their heads this week.

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