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Science & Technology

'Star Wars' laser weapons on jets by 2020

12-18-2015 | 9

The US Air Force is planning to equip its planes with high-tech laser weapons within only five years.

Science & Technology

New camera is able to see around corners

12-8-2015 | 3

Scientists in Edinburgh have developed a new type of camera that uses lasers to see around corners.

Science & Technology

Researchers develop 'freeze ray' lasers

11-22-2015 | 9

A breakthrough in the field of laser cooling could open the door to a wide range of new applications.

Science & Technology

Super-heating lasers to aid fusion research

11-14-2015 | 8

Scientists have found a way to use lasers to heat materials to extreme temperatures almost instantly.

Science & Technology

Boeing unveils new anti-drone laser cannon

 VIDEO  8-28-2015 | 10

The aerospace giant has developed a new weapon system designed specifically to shoot down drones.

Science & Technology

Japan fires the world's most powerful laser

7-29-2015 | 16

Scientists at Osaka University in Japan have managed to fire a two-petawatt laser for one picosecond.

Science & Technology

DARPA to test out new airborne laser weapon

5-26-2015 | 7

A sophisticated new laser defence system could soon be making its way on to drones and fighter jets.

Science & Technology

Physicists develop working tractor beam

10-20-2014 | 9

The remarkable new technology is capable of pushing or pulling solid objects using nothing but lasers.

Science & Technology

World's biggest laser crushes diamond

7-18-2014 | 6

A giant laser has been used to simulate the pressures present within the cores of the gas giant planets.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists to zap space debris with lasers

3-12-2014 | 19

A team of Australian physicists have come up with a new way to deal with the ever-growing field of junk.

Science & Technology

Lockheed develops huge laser gun weapon

2-5-2014 | 37

The defense contractor has built and demonstrated a working 30-kilowatt laser weapon for military use.

Science & Technology

World's 'fastest spinning object' created

9-2-2013 | 11

A team at the University of St Andrews spun a tiny object at 600 million revolutions per minute.

Science & Technology

Weather laser can induce rain and lightning

8-28-2013 | 28

Scientists are experimenting with laser pulses that can create clouds and influence the weather.

Space & Astronomy

Anti-asteroid space laser proposed

2-17-2013 | 34

In the wake of recent events there have been renewed calls for defensive measures against asteroids.

Space & Astronomy

NASA beams Mona Lisa to the Moon

1-19-2013 | 21

Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece has gone further than ever before thanks to a well-timed laser.

Archaeology & History

Stonehenge scanned with digital lasers

10-10-2012 | 8

The intricacies of Stonehenge have been brought to life like never before thanks to a new laser scan.

Space & Astronomy

Mars rover zaps rock with laser beam

8-21-2012 | 13

NASA's Curiosity rover debuted its ChemCam laser by firing the tool at a nearby rock called 'Coronation'.

Science & Technology

US Army develops lightning weapon

7-1-2012 | 29

The military are experimenting with a laser-guided weapon that can fire bolts of lightning at targets.

Science & Technology

Realistic Star Wars lightsaber goes on sale

 VIDEO  5-9-2012 | 22

The $400 LaserSaber uses a laser that is so powerful that the device comes with a health warning.

Space & Astronomy

Laser device could drill in to icy moons

4-23-2012 | 2

A new robotic device that uses lasers shot through fiber-optic cable has been developed by scientsts.

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