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Earliest evidence of human mountaineers found

8-10-2019 | 0

Archaeologists have unearthed evidence of Ice Age human habitation in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia.

Science & Technology

Ice spires hint at potential for life on Pluto

7-9-2019 | 2

The existence of algae high up in the Andes Mountains hints at the possibility of life on distant, icy worlds.

The UFO Phenomenon

Brown Mountain Lights captured on camera

 VIDEO  5-27-2019 | 14

Mysterious lights that have been reported over Brown Mountain for decades were recently caught on video.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Indian army reports 'Yeti' footprints discovery

4-30-2019 | 23

An Indian military mountaineering expedition team photographed the mystery footprints in the Himalayas.

World of the Bizarre

100mph wind literally bends radio tower in half

 VIDEO  3-2-2019 | 8

A communications tower on Sugarloaf Mountain crumpled like tin foil in strong winds on Monday.

Science & Technology

'Lost world' of mountains hidden under our feet

2-15-2019 | 6

Vast mountains that could be taller than Mt Everest are thought to exist hundreds of miles beneath the ground.

The UFO Phenomenon

New Zealand's Kaikoura lights mystery turns 40

 VIDEO  12-31-2018 | 9

Four decades ago, multiple UFO sightings were reported over the Kaikoura mountains on South Island.

Modern Mysteries

Climber finds cat on top of 8,000ft mountain

10-31-2018 | 18

Wojciech Jabczynski couldn't believe his eyes when he found the ginger tabby on Poland's highest peak.

Nature & Environment

Underwater 'lost world' found off Tasmania

 VIDEO  10-10-2018 | 3

A deep sea research vessel has discovered a chain of underwater mountains that are teeming with life.

World of the Bizarre

Climbers turn Mt Everest in to a rubbish dump

6-19-2018 | 19

The world-famous mountain has ended up covered in discarded rubbish thanks to careless climbing parties.

Nature & Environment

Mountain gorilla population now exceeds 1,000

5-31-2018 | 6

Conservationists have reported that the number of gorillas in one region of Rwanda has now doubled.

Modern Mysteries

'Apocalyptic' sounds recorded in Hawaii

 VIDEO  4-12-2018 | 31

The strange sounds were picked up over a mountainous region of the Hawaiian archipelago last week.

Modern Mysteries

Dalhousie Mountain carvings mystery endures

11-19-2017 | 2

A series of names carved in to the rocks of Dalhousie Mountain are thought to date back over 100 years.

Science & Technology

'Karakoram anomaly' defies climate change

8-8-2017 | 7

A 'vortex' of cold air over the Karakoram mountain range has been causing glaciers to continue growing.

Modern Mysteries

'Phantom islands' plagued historical maps

 VIDEO  7-30-2017 | 16

Until recently, maps and atlases were plagued by non-existent islands, mountain ranges and countries.

Archaeology & History

3,500-year-old lunch box found in Swiss Alps

7-26-2017 | 12

An extraordinarily well-preserved lunch box has been discovered on Switzerland's Lotschberg mountain.

Modern Mysteries

Real-life treasure hunt has claimed two lives

6-23-2017 | 16

Two people have died while attempting to track down a $2M haul hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Science & Technology

Nepal launches new bid to measure Mt Everest

6-18-2017 | 1

The Department of Survey is aiming to find out just how tall the world's tallest mountain actually is.

Science & Technology

Mount Everest's 'Hillary Step' is destroyed

5-21-2017 | 8

The infamous rocky outcrop was the last great challenge for mountaineers aiming to reach the summit.

Science & Technology

Did Nepal earthquake shrink Mount Everest ?

1-25-2017 | 8

Scientists are set to launch a new expedition to find out if the world's tallest mountain has shrunk.

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