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What was it that gave modern humans the edge over the Neanderthals ?

4-2-2024 | 16

Today, we are the only human species left on the planet - but what was it that made us so special ?


Neanderthal genes could explain why some people are early birds

12-18-2023 | 5

Interbreeding between modern humans and Neanderthals could account for why some of us are predisposed to be early birds.


Neanderthals used their thumbs differently

11-29-2020 | 2

A new study has revealed that Neanderthals had thumbs that were much better suited for power gripping.


Were modern humans and Neanderthals at war ?

11-3-2020 | 5

War and conflict may have been an intrinsic part of the lives of our ancestors for over 100,000 years.


Neanderthals were able to make their own string

4-15-2020 | 5

The discovery of Neanderthal-made string has further cemented the idea that the species was highly intelligent.


Neanderthals dined on sharks and dolphins

3-28-2020 | 12

New research has revealed that the Neanderthals were no stranger to catching and eating sea creatures.


'Last' Neanderthal necklace unearthed in Spain

11-3-2019 | 1

Dating back 40,000 years, the necklace may have been the last of its kind ever made by the Neanderthals.


Starving Neanderthals turned to cannibalism

4-3-2019 | 6

Researchers have determined why some Neanderthals may have resorted to butchering one another for food.


Neanderthals created oldest known cave art

2-23-2018 | 6

A new study has found that Neanderthals, not humans, created the world's oldest known cave paintings.


Early human hunting linked to drawing ability

2-11-2018 | 4

The way our ancestors hunted prey may have given them a significant advantage over the Neanderthals.


Neanderthal brains developed slower than ours

9-24-2017 | 10

The skeleton of a young Neanderthal has revealed that our brains did not develop at the same rate.


Evidence of Neanderthal cannibalism found

7-9-2016 | 8

Neanderthal remains unearthed in Belgium's Goyet caves show indications of cannibalistic behavior.


Neanderthal-built stone rings found in cave

5-25-2016 | 16

Remarkable prehistoric structures made from stalagmites have been discovered inside a cave in France.


Did human diseases doom the Neanderthals ?

4-15-2016 | 5

Recent studies have suggested that diseases carried by modern humans may have proven catastrophic.


Did large eyes wipe out the Neanderthals ?

8-7-2015 | 15

A controversial new theory suggests that large eyes may have put the Neanderthals at a disadvantage.


Dogs have lived with humans for 30,000 years

5-22-2015 | 22

New evidence suggests that dogs may have been man's best friend for far longer than previously thought.


Did dogs help us outsmart the Neanderthals ?

3-4-2015 | 7

The early domestication of wolves by modern humans may have tipped the balance in our favor.


Were Neanderthals our intellectual equals ?

1-15-2015 | 35

Scientists now believe that Neanderthals were no less advanced that their modern human counterparts.


45,000-year-old human genome reconstructed

10-23-2014 | 4

Scientists have revealed new details about our prehistoric ancestors thanks to a fossil thighbone.


Neanderthals co-existed with us for millennia

8-21-2014 | 32

Humans and Neanderthals are now believed to have lived alongside one another for as long as 5,000 years.

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