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Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds orange wristband deaths

9-22-2019 | 20

Authorities in Pittsburgh are investigating a series of incidents involving people wearing orange wristbands.

World of the Bizarre

Vets tackle case of bright orange seagull

7-9-2019 | 3

A seagull nicknamed 'Vinny' was taken to a wildlife hospital after it was found covered in curry sauce.

Nature & Environment

Rare Yosemite 'firefall' stuns park visitors

 VIDEO  2-23-2019 | 7

This spectacular natural phenomenon turns a waterfall of melting snow in to a fiery cascade of bright orange.

World of the Bizarre

Scientists solve mystery of the purple orange

9-30-2018 | 5

Scientists in Australia have been investigating what caused an otherwise normal orange to turn purple.

World of the Bizarre

Strange orange snow falls over eastern Europe

3-26-2018 | 5

Ski resorts in several countries were left looking like the surface of Mars after a recent fall of orange-tinged snow.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Orange UFO' sighted over Somerset, England

 VIDEO  8-22-2017 | 27

The peculiar aerial phenomenon was captured on camera by Jeremy Le Fevre on Saturday evening.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of Dubai Marina's orange water solved

6-25-2017 | 2

The alarm was raised in Dubai last week after the water started to turn a disconcerting orange color.

The UFO Phenomenon

Orangeville UFO sighting reported to MUFON

4-17-2017 | 3

An unidentified witness reported seeing a 'silent camouflage aircraft' over the town a few weeks ago.

World of the Bizarre

Crowds attend Italy's 'Battle of the Oranges'

 VIDEO  3-3-2017 | 3

Thousands of people turned out last week to throw oranges at one another in the streets of Ivrea.

Modern Mysteries

'Gateway to Hell' fiery pit found in China

4-11-2015 | 18

Geologists have been investigating a glowing orange hole that opened up on a Chinese mountain.

Modern Mysteries

Strange orange snow falls over Russia

 VIDEO  2-5-2015 | 19

The Russian city of Saratov ended up painted orange this week as tinted snowflakes fell from the heavens.

Space & Astronomy

Remnants of one of the earliest stars found

8-23-2014 | 4

An ancient orange star has revealed hints of one of the first stars to ever exist in the universe.

The UFO Phenomenon

Burning orange light baffles Rudloe residents

4-17-2014 | 50

Several witnesses observed the phenomenon in the sky over a rural part of England.

Nature & Environment

Crocodile turns orange

9-28-2011 | 11

An Australian crocodile puzzled keepers this month when it unexpectedly turned orange.

World of the Bizarre

Orange goo in Alaska baffles experts

8-7-2011 | 35

A strange orange gunk that appeared in a remote Alaskan village has locals and experts alike baffled.

The UFO Phenomenon

Maryborough UFO mystery deepens

3-7-2011 | 29

Strange orange lights sighted over Maryborough have left authorities and weather experts baffled.

The UFO Phenomenon

Orange orbs formation over Glasgow

8-5-2010 | 9

A Glasgow resident recalls three strange orange orbs hovering silently in formation over her car.

The UFO Phenomenon

Unexplained object spotted over Scotland

6-18-2010 | 9

A glowing orange object was sighted in the skies over West Lothian in Scotland on Wednesday night.

The UFO Phenomenon

"UFO" filmed over Rome by Russian tourist

3-6-2010 | 27

A video of a bright orange UFO taken by a tourist in Rome has sparked a great deal of interest all over the web.

The UFO Phenomenon

Man films 'orange ball' UFO over Scotland

2-24-2010 | 8

A Scottish man has filmed a strange orange ball-shaped UFO in the skies above East Dunbartonshire.

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