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Ghosts & Hauntings

'Cursed' painting strikes again after spate of mishaps for new owner

1-1-2024 | 5

An allegedly cursed painting that was sold in a charity shop back in August 2023 has since changed hands several times.

Archaeology & History

Eerie 'demon' reappears following restoration of 18th-Century painting

11-8-2023 | 2

The creepy figure had been hiding beneath layers of paint and varnish in a painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds.

World of the Bizarre

Priceless painting found to have been hanging upside down for 75 years

11-2-2022 | 10

The blunder, which had remained undiscovered until very recently, may never be rectified due to the painting's fragile state.

Modern Mysteries

Hidden Van Gogh portrait discovered beneath painting

7-14-2022 | 0

A never-before-seen self-portrait of the 19th-Century artist has been discovered using X-ray imaging.


Many prehistoric cave paintings were made by children

3-17-2022 | 6

New research has suggested that the process of creating cave paintings may have been a family affair.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Man claims to have been cursed by 'haunted' painting

3-6-2022 | 29

The man, who bought the painting for just $50 from a flea market, maintains that it has ruined his life.

World of the Bizarre

'Bored' guard draws eyes on million dollar painting

 VIDEO  2-11-2022 | 6

A security guard at an art gallery in Russia was found to have drawn eyes on a highly valuable painting.

World of the Bizarre

Farmers are painting eyes on cows' backsides

8-12-2020 | 13

Farmers in Africa have found a novel new way of protecting their livestock from opportunistic predators.

Nature & Environment

Bizarre 'Picasso fish' looks like a painting

1-27-2020 | 5

A photograph of a rather unusual looking fish that was caught in Japan has recently gone viral on social media.


Cave painting depicts world's oldest cryptid

 VIDEO  12-13-2019 | 17

A cave painting dating back 44,000 years shows the earliest known depiction of a supernatural creature.

World of the Bizarre

Mystery surrounds 'T-34' written on polar bear

 VIDEO  12-9-2019 | 14

An investigation is currently underway in an effort to track down who is responsible for painting the animal.

Modern Mysteries

Leonardo da Vinci painting mystery solved

6-11-2019 | 9

The world's most expensive painting - Salvator Mundi - mysteriously disappeared shortly after being sold.

Modern Mysteries

Da Vinci's 'claw hand' stopped him painting

5-5-2019 | 4

A new study has suggested that an injury sustained from a fall may have left Leonardo da Vinci unable to paint.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Woman faints after viewing 'haunted' painting

3-1-2019 | 17

Lyn Cinderey started to feel unwell after viewing a piece named 'Sinister' at a haunted objects exhibition.


Cave art could depict cataclysmic events

11-28-2018 | 13

Early human cave paintings dating back thousands of years could depict more than just hunting scenes.

Archaeology & History

Painting of young Jesus discovered in church

11-16-2018 | 9

Archaeologists have partially reconstructed a 1,500-year-old depiction of Jesus when he was a young man.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds theft of $160M painting

8-6-2018 | 6

When elderly couple Jerry and Rita Alter died, a stolen painting worth millions was found in their bedroom.


Neanderthals created oldest known cave art

2-23-2018 | 6

A new study has found that Neanderthals, not humans, created the world's oldest known cave paintings.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Haunted' painting has sold in New Zealand

1-19-2018 | 26

An acrylic painting purchased from an antique store has earned itself something of a haunted reputation.

Modern Mysteries

$450 million da Vinci painting buyer revealed

 VIDEO  12-9-2017 | 4

The mystery of who paid $450 million for Leonardo da Vinci's 'Salvator Mundi' has now been solved.

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