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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Science & Technology

What is the Pentagon's $55 billion plane ?

3-3-2015 | 23

The bleeding edge bomber remains shrouded in secrecy and its costs may be spiraling out of control.

Science & Technology

Think tank hires 'Call of Duty' creator

9-29-2014 | 19

The group is tasked with advising the Pentagon on possible threats that could arise in the future.

Science & Technology

Implant to give humans self-healing powers

9-19-2014 | 11

A new device developed by the Pentagon could give humans the ability to heal more rapidly.


Pentagon has zombie apocalypse battle plan

5-17-2014 | 26

The US government actually has a plan in place in the event that the dead start rising from their graves.

Science & Technology

DARPA building robots with 'real' brains

4-13-2013 | 51

A Pentagon-funded research team has created a device that allows robots to think for themselves.

Science & Technology

Pentagon to track soldiers using tattoos

3-30-2013 | 8

Scientists at the Pentagon are looking to use a special tattoo to track the vital signs of US soldiers.

Science & Technology

Pentagon develops UFO-like airship

 VIDEO  1-9-2013 | 33

A vast 230ft airship may soon replace conventional aircraft for hauling cargo over long distances.


Did President Eisenhower meet with aliens ?

2-16-2012 | 99

A former Pentagon consultant has claimed that Eisenhower attended secret meetings.

Natural World

Pentagon seeks secret of flying snakes

11-24-2010 | 24

The Defense Department has invested in research to figure out how flying snakes glide through the air.

Science & Technology

Pentagon plans 'flying submarine'

7-6-2010 | 19

The Pentagon is planning to develop a flying submarine than can travel at high speed in and out of the water.

Science & Technology

Pentagon builds shape-shifting robot

7-1-2010 | 19

In something that sounds like a scene from Transformers scientists have developed a shape-shifting robot.

Science & Technology

Pentagon experiments with alternative therapies

5-9-2010 | 3

The Pentagon is trying out aroma therapy, acupuncture and other treatments to help traumatized soldiers.

Science & Technology

Pentagon to breed "immortal" synthetic organisms

2-11-2010 | 21

The Pentagon are looking to invest millions of dollars in to developing synthetic organisms in a new project called BioDesign.


Pentagon's black budget tops $56 billion

2-2-2010 | 10

The amount of money assigned by the United States to classified "black projects" has now exceeded over $56 billion.

The UFO Phenomenon

McKinnon takes case up with High Court

6-10-2009 | 21

With growing support from celebrities and the public UFO hacker Gary McKinnon is to take his appeal against extradition ...


Pentagon's black budget grows to $50 billion

5-9-2009 | 6

A newly released Defense Daprtment budget report has revealed that the Pentagon intends to spend more then $50 billion o...

Science & Technology

Pentagon limb regrowth research advances

3-30-2009 | 11

Scientists have succeeded in achieving phase one of an ambituous plan by the Pentagon to develop a way to regrow soldier...

Space & Astronomy

Pentagon: US not developing space weapons

2-23-2009 | 11

A Pentagon official has claimed that the United States is not developing space weapons and couldn't afford to do so even...

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