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Space & Astronomy

On Pluto, you can throw a ball higher than the Great Pyramid of Giza

 VIDEO  12-29-2022 | 2

A fascinating new video has emerged showing how far it is possible to throw a ball on the other worlds in our solar system.

Space & Astronomy

Pluto may have always had a subsurface ocean

6-24-2020 | 7

Scientists now believe that Pluto may have had a 'hot start' and has always had a subsurface ocean.

Science & Technology

Ice spires hint at potential for life on Pluto

7-9-2019 | 2

The existence of algae high up in the Andes Mountains hints at the possibility of life on distant, icy worlds.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists discover liquid ocean on Pluto

5-21-2019 | 2

The enigmatic dwarf planet has been throwing up no shortage of surprises over the last few years.

Space & Astronomy

New Horizons set for epic flyby of Ultima Thule

 VIDEO  12-29-2018 | 31

Following on from its historic flyby of Pluto in 2015, the probe will reach its next destination on New Year's Day.

Space & Astronomy

Should Pluto be classed as a planet again ?

9-9-2018 | 30

Researchers have called into question the reasoning behind Pluto's demotion from planet to dwarf planet.

Space & Astronomy

New Horizons ready to explore the Kuiper Belt

6-10-2018 |

Following its visit to Pluto back in 2015, the spacecraft has been on its way to Kuiper belt object MU69.

Space & Astronomy

Probe to study solar system's protective bubble

6-4-2018 | 0

NASA is launching a spacecraft to study the heliosphere - a bubble which extends far beyond the orbit of Pluto.

Space & Astronomy

Dunes of frozen methane discovered on Pluto

6-1-2018 | 7

The enigmatic dwarf planet is home to a 'riot of processes' that continue to surprise researchers.

Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals amazing new Pluto flyover video

 VIDEO  7-16-2017 | 15

The footage has been constructed from the thousands of photographs taken by the New Horizons probe.

Space & Astronomy

New Horizons will reach MU69 in January 2019

 VIDEO  5-21-2017 | 0

Following its groundbreaking flyby of Pluto, the probe is now on its way to another Kuiper Belt object.

Space & Astronomy

Giant towers of ice discovered on Pluto

1-14-2017 | 7

The discovery marks the first time this phenomenon has been observed anywhere other than on the Earth.

Space & Astronomy

Further evidence found of ocean on Pluto

 VIDEO  11-17-2016 | 7

It is looking increasingly likely that the dwarf planet is home to a vast subterranean ocean of water.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery surrounds X-rays streaming from Pluto

11-10-2016 | 5

Scientists have spotted X-rays trickling from the dwarf planet despite there being no obvious source.

Space & Astronomy

New dwarf planet found beyond orbit of Pluto

 VIDEO  10-13-2016 | 24

This tiny, distant world is believed to take up to 1,140 years to complete a single orbit of the Sun.

Space & Astronomy

Pluto may have an ocean over 100km deep

9-24-2016 | 13

Scientists believe that the dwarf planet's interior may be filled with large quantities of liquid water.

Space & Astronomy

New video imagines touching down on Pluto

 VIDEO  7-17-2016 | 8

NASA is celebrating the success of its New Horizons spacecraft by showcasing a new sequence of images.

Space & Astronomy

NASA reveals new close-up images of Pluto

 VIDEO  5-28-2016 | 29

The fascinating pictures are the most detailed views of Pluto we are going to get for a very long time.

Space & Astronomy

Dwarf planet is third largest in solar system

5-12-2016 | 14

Despite being comparable in size to Pluto and Eris, this enigmatic world has yet to even be given a name.

Space & Astronomy

Could Pluto be classed as a planet again ?

3-8-2016 | 40

The discovery of what look like clouds on Pluto has reignited the debate over its dwarf planet status.

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