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World of the Bizarre

Mystery surrounds 'T-34' written on polar bear

 VIDEO  12-9-2019 | 14

An investigation is currently underway in an effort to track down who is responsible for painting the animal.


Giant half-ton bird lived alongside early man

6-27-2019 | 22

A thigh bone found in a Crimean cave belonged to a huge species of bird that was as heavy as a polar bear.

Nature & Environment

New study finds that polar bears are starving

2-2-2018 | 9

The diminishing Arctic sea ice is making it almost impossible for polar bears to satisfy their energy needs.

Nature & Environment

New 'king' polar bear clue found in Alaska

3-18-2017 | 2

A skull belonging to what is thought to be an extinct species of giant polar bear has been discovered.

Nature & Environment

Russian scientists under siege by polar bears

9-14-2016 | 5

Meteorologists working at a polar weather station have been trapped for weeks by a pack of polar bears.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Scientists challenge 'Yeti' DNA results

12-18-2014 | 26

DNA thought to be from an extinct polar bear in the Himalayas might actually belong to something else.

World of the Bizarre

Escape attempt by zoo wolves backfires

7-17-2014 | 16

A pack of wolves at a zoo in Winnipeg managed to dig a tunnel straight in to the polar bear enclosure.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

'Yeti' DNA matches prehistoric polar bear

10-17-2013 | 49

Alleged Yeti hairs retrieved from the Himalayas have been identified as those of a rare bear sub-species.

Nature & Environment

Plan needed to help save polar bears

2-8-2013 | 22

Polar bears are at risk of going extinct if nothing is done soon to stop them from starving.

Nature & Environment

Polar bear count confounds doomsayers

4-9-2012 | 29

A new survey suggests that polar bear populations, far from shrinking, are actually getting larger.

Nature & Environment

Polar bear skull defies DNA test

2-22-2009 | 7

Attempts to compare the DNA of the remains of an ancient polar bear found in a cave in Scotland with that of modern pola...

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