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Mammoths still roamed the Earth when Egypt's pyramids were being built

10-30-2021 | 5

A new study has shown that some Ice Age mammals survived much longer than previously thought.


Prehistoric rhino was taller than a giraffe

 VIDEO  6-23-2021 | 2

Weighing the equivalent of four elephants, Paraceratherium linxiaense was an absolute monster.


Did humans really wipe out the woolly rhino ?

8-14-2020 | 14

The woolly rhino may not have been wiped out by human hunting practices as was previously believed.

Nature & Environment

Eggs harvested from last northern white rhinos

8-25-2019 | 11

An unprecedented procedure could help to ensure the continued survival of the critically endangered species.


Road workers unearth woolly mammoth bones

10-21-2018 | 1

The prehistoric remains of a mammoth and rhinoceros have been discovered near Cambridge, England.

Nature & Environment

Eight black rhinos die after move to new park

7-15-2018 | 15

The critically endangered rhinos had been living in a new sanctuary in southern Kenya when the disaster occurred.

Nature & Environment

World's last male northern white rhino dies

 VIDEO  3-20-2018 | 16

The last remaining male of the species, Sudan, was put down on Monday after several months of ill-health.

Nature & Environment

World's last male northern white rhino 'ill'

 VIDEO  3-2-2018 | 11

Conservationists have reported that the health of the last male northern white rhino is rapidly deteriorating.

Nature & Environment

Rare rhino has been endangered for 9,000 years

 VIDEO  12-17-2017 | 5

There are now fewer than 100 Sumatran rhinos left on Earth, but exactly who or what is responsible ?

Nature & Environment

Only three northern white rhinos now remain

5-15-2016 | 31

After years of poaching, the world's population of northern white rhinos has been reduced to three.

Nature & Environment

Calves bring hope for endangered rhinos

 VIDEO  9-12-2015 | 1

Conservationists have spotted three incredibly rare Javan rhino calves at a national park in Indonesia.

Nature & Environment

Rhino spy cameras could help stop poaching

7-22-2015 | 8

Miniature spy cameras and alarms are to be used in an effort to put a stop to poaching once and for all.

Nature & Environment

Male northern white rhino under armed guard

4-16-2015 | 21

The last remaining male northern white rhino has four armed guards protecting him 24 hours a day.

Nature & Environment

Northern white rhinos on brink of extinction

10-19-2014 | 33

One of the last remaining northern white rhinos has died leaving only six left alive in the whole world.

Nature & Environment

Kenya to implant microchips in rhino horns

10-18-2013 | 8

With only 1,000 rhinos remaining in the country officials are taking new measures to dissuade poachers.

Nature & Environment

Western black rhino goes extinct

6-11-2013 | 56

The species has been officially declared extinct due to no reported sightings over the last seven years.

Nature & Environment

Javan rhino officially extinct In Vietnam

1-6-2013 | 17

The last Javan rhinoceros living in Vietnam has died meaning that the subspecies is now extinct.


Rhino-sized mega-wombat skeletons found

6-22-2012 | 12

50 skeletons belonging to the extinct giant wombat species diprotodon have been found in Queensland.

Nature & Environment

Javan rhino 'now extinct in Vietnam'

10-26-2011 | 27

The last wild Javan rhino left in Vietnam is believed to have been killed by poachers.


Cave dig unearths important finds

9-14-2009 | 1

A cave in Devon has offered archaeologists a treasure trove of ice age animal remains including hyenas, deer and woolly ...

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