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Science & Technology

Revealed: the CIA's nuclear-powered bird drone

8-4-2020 | 1

Newly declassified CIA documents have revealed details of a secretive Cold War spy drone that looked like a bird.

The UFO Phenomenon

AATIP head: 'Pentagon has more evidence'

7-11-2020 | 67

The former head of the US government's secretive UFO research program has recently spoken out.

Space & Astronomy

X-37B set to launch on new mystery mission

5-9-2020 | 0

The US military's secretive space plane is due to launch on May 16th with a cargo full of experiments.

Modern Mysteries

Secret tunnel discovered under train station

5-8-2020 | 12

Archaeologists have unearthed a mysterious 19th-Century tunnel hidden beneath a station in Denmark.

Archaeology & History

Lost viking mountain pass reveals its secrets

 VIDEO  4-16-2020 | 5

Melting ice in Norway has revealed a long-lost Viking-era mountain pass brimming with archaeological discoveries.


Pilot captures amazing aerial images of Area 51

4-15-2020 | 8

Private pilot Gabriel Zeifman recently captured a whole series of impressive snaps of the secretive base.

Modern Mysteries

Secret door discovered in House of Commons

2-26-2020 | 4

Renovation workers have uncovered a forgotten passageway in the UK's Houses of Parliament.


'Alien warehouse' Hangar 18 - does it exist ?

1-20-2020 | 21

Rumors about a secretive hangar at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base have been circulating for decades.


Area 51 visitors are forced to wear 'foggles'

12-16-2019 | 2

Many who venture onto the secretive military base are expected to don a special type of eyewear.


Secret US space programs to be declassified ?

12-16-2019 | 12

Key government officials have agreed on the importance of declassifying space-based US military projects.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon in U-turn over secretive UFO program

12-8-2019 | 12

The US government has completely changed its story over the purpose of its now-cancelled UFO program.


BBC film crew was held at gunpoint at Area 51

11-11-2019 | 14

Comedian Andrew Maxwell and his crew once had their own harrowing experience near the secretive facility.


Vatican's 'secret archives' are no longer secret

10-29-2019 | 19

A vast repository of manuscripts dating back over a thousand years has been officially renamed by the Pope.

Space & Astronomy

Secretive X-37B lands after 780 days in space

10-28-2019 | 4

The US military's notoriously secretive miniature space shuttle is back and nobody knows what it has been up to.

Modern Mysteries

Isolated family spent years awaiting 'end times'

 VIDEO  10-16-2019 | 13

A family in the Netherlands has been rescued after being kept in a secret room waiting for the end of the world.

Space & Astronomy

Cause of mystery ISS hole is a 'state secret'

9-29-2019 | 8

Russia has finally determined who or what created the hole on the ISS... but nobody else is getting to know.


Only a few dozen show up to 'Storm Area 51'

 VIDEO  9-21-2019 | 44

After months of hype, barely anyone actually turned up to storm through the gates of the secretive facility.


'Extraterrestrial highway' sign is taken down

9-16-2019 | 37

A world-famous sign situated near the secretive Area 51 facility has been taken down by local authorities.


YouTubers arrested for trespassing at Area 51

9-12-2019 | 27

Two Dutch Youtubers have been arrested by police during an ill-fated attempt to reach the secretive base.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery X-37B space plane breaks new record

8-26-2019 | 14

The US military's secretive pint-sized spacecraft has now spent a whopping 717 days up in space non-stop.

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