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Panther strikes up unlikely friendship with Rottweiler

 VIDEO  11-28-2021 | 6

An abandoned panther from a traveling zoo has been adopted by a woman and her pet rottweiler in Siberia.

Modern Mysteries

Tunguska event still intrigues, 113 years on

7-5-2021 | 13

Scientists are still investigating exactly what flattened part of the Siberian wilderness back in 1908.


Russian official admits to staging Yeti sightings

4-11-2021 | 107

One of Putin's longest-serving regional leaders has admitted to using a fake Yeti to attract tourists.

Natural World

Eerie sounds recorded over Siberia's icy depths

 VIDEO  2-8-2021 | 11

One daring photographer recorded himself skating over thin ice - quite literally - on the surface of Lake Baikal.

Ancient Mysteries

Revealed: the face of Siberia's 'Tutankhamun'

1-18-2021 | 4

Scientists in Russia have painstakingly reconstructed the face of a Scythian king found in a tomb in East Siberia.

Science & Technology

Giant hole opens up in Siberian permafrost

 VIDEO  9-4-2020 | 7

A phenomenon that made headlines back in 2014 has resurfaced in the form of a new 164-foot crater in Siberia.

Science & Technology

Plant brought back to life after 32,000 years

7-3-2020 | 11

Scientists are trying to determine how it was possible to grow seeds that were tens of thousands of years old.


Siberian forest is shaped to spell out 'Lenin'

6-26-2020 | 9

A Russian drone photographer has captured aerial images of a particularly unique pine tree formation.

Science & Technology

The magnetic north pole is heading for Siberia

12-19-2019 | 27

Thanks to a weakening of the Earth's magnetic field, the magnetic north pole is moving away from Canada.


18,000-year-old 'dog' found frozen in Siberia

11-28-2019 | 24

The incredibly well-preserved remains of a prehistoric canine have been recovered from the permafrost.

Science & Technology

Blast occurs at Russian lab housing smallpox

9-17-2019 | 12

A gas explosion caused a fire on Monday at the Vector Institute biological research facility in Siberia.

Ancient Mysteries

'iPhone case' unearthed in 'Russian Atlantis'

 VIDEO  9-14-2019 | 8

A belt buckle exhibiting a surprisingly familiar shape has been discovered at a dig site in southern Siberia.


Denisovan jawbone discovered in Tibetan cave

 VIDEO  5-1-2019 | 1

The unexpected find represents the first ever evidence of Denisovans outside of Denisova Cave in Siberia.

Science & Technology

Liquid blood extracted from 42,000-year-old foal

4-17-2019 | 11

Scientists in Siberia have succeeded in retrieving blood from the well-preserved remains of an extinct horse.

Space & Astronomy

Spectacular fireball explodes over Siberia

 VIDEO  4-11-2019 | 3

Russia has seen more than its fair share of space rocks exploding in the Earth's atmosphere in recent months.


Toxic black snow covers the streets in Siberia

 VIDEO  2-16-2019 | 9

Residents of the Kemerovo region of Siberia have been uploading images and videos of the phenomenon.

Science & Technology

Earth's magnetic north pole is on the move

2-6-2019 | 24

Our planet's magnetic north pole is reportedly moving towards Siberia at a rate of 34 miles per year.

Space & Astronomy

Green fireball lights up the sky over Russia

 VIDEO  11-30-2018 | 9

The spectacular phenomenon was captured on film over the Russian city of Novosibirsk in Western Siberia.


Girl survives 15 days lost in Siberian wilds

8-26-2018 | 3

15-year-old Svetlana Evai was found alive in a 'grave' condition after wandering alone for over two weeks.


Entire family of mammoths goes on sale

11-21-2017 | 7

The skeletons, which include a one-year-old baby, were discovered by builders in Siberia 15 years ago.

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