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Modern Mysteries

Anomalies found in 'sonic attack' victims' brains

7-23-2019 | 5

Scientists have identified 'significant differences' in the brains of the diplomats 'attacked' in Cuba.

Modern Mysteries

Canadian government sued over 'sonic attacks'

2-7-2019 | 24

A group of Canadian diplomats has filed a lawsuit after succumbing to the mysterious 'sonic attacks' in Cuba.

Modern Mysteries

Cuba 'sonic attacks' may have been crickets

 VIDEO  1-8-2019 | 14

It has been suggested that the mystery sounds heard by US diplomats may have been nothing more than insects.

Modern Mysteries

Russia suspected in Cuba 'sonic attacks'

9-11-2018 | 21

According to reports, several US officials have cited Russia as being the main suspect in the investigation.

Modern Mysteries

'Microwave weapons' suspected in Cuba attacks

 VIDEO  9-3-2018 | 11

Scientists now believe that microwave weapons were used in the recent attacks on US diplomats in Havana.

Modern Mysteries

Yet another US employee in Cuba has fallen ill

6-29-2018 | 9

To date, more than two dozen embassy personnel have been affected and nobody has been able to explain why.

Modern Mysteries

Have Cuban 'sonic attacks' spread to China ?

5-27-2018 | 4

A US government employee working in the city of Guangzhou has reportedly experienced similar symptoms.

Modern Mysteries

Cuba 'sonic attacks' could be accidental

3-3-2018 | 7

Scientists may have found an alternative explanation for the strange sounds heard by diplomats in Havana.

Modern Mysteries

Cuba 'sonic attacks' caused brain damage

 VIDEO  12-6-2017 | 5

Doctors have found brain abnormalities in some of the victims of the mysterious acoustic attacks in Cuba.

Modern Mysteries

Cuba 'sonic weapon' audio recording released

 VIDEO  10-14-2017 | 12

A clip of the high-pitched sound that US diplomats have been hearing in Cuba has been uploaded online.

Modern Mysteries

Cuban diplomats expelled over sonic attacks

10-4-2017 | 17

The US has ordered 15 Cuban embassy officials to leave the country over a failure to protect US diplomats.

Modern Mysteries

US pulls staff from Cuba over mystery attacks

 VIDEO  9-30-2017 | 66

Authorities in the US are urging people not to visit Cuba after a string of 'sonic' attacks on diplomats.

Modern Mysteries

Cuba 'sonic weapon attacks' mystery deepens

 VIDEO  9-14-2017 | 66

US diplomats stationed in Cuba have recently been subjected to a series of mysterious 'health attacks'.

Science & Technology

Hypersonic air vehicle to be ready by 2023

6-3-2015 | 3

The Pentagon and the US Air Force are working on developing hypersonic weapons and aircraft.

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