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Space & Astronomy

How likely are you to be killed by falling space junk ?

7-26-2022 | 11

Scientists have calculated exactly how likely you are to be injured or killed by space debris in the next ten years.

Space & Astronomy

ISS sustains space debris 'lucky strike'

6-2-2021 | 4

A puncture caused by space junk has been discovered on a robotic arm outside the International Space Station.

The UFO Phenomenon

Is the 'Black Knight' really an alien satellite ?

12-17-2020 | 11

For years, some have speculated that this unusual piece of space junk is actually an extraterrestrial device.

Space & Astronomy

Two large pieces of space junk avoid collision

10-18-2020 | 1

A space junk disaster was narrowly avoided this week when two large objects passed close to one another.

Space & Astronomy

ESA to launch space debris collector in 2025

12-9-2019 | 4

If successful, the mission will be the first ever to remove a piece of space junk from Earth's orbit.

Space & Astronomy

Space harpoon snags space junk in orbit

 VIDEO  2-17-2019 | 2

A spacecraft has successfully demonstrated how a harpoon can be used to clean up Earth's orbit.

Space & Astronomy

A space war could make space inaccessible

 VIDEO  7-1-2018 | 16

As if space junk wasn't already enough of a problem, a war in space could litter the planet's orbit with tons of debris.

Space & Astronomy

Harpoon could drag satellites out of the sky

 VIDEO  3-16-2018 | 10

Airbus has been developing a new type of harpoon in an effort to reduce the build-up of space junk in orbit.

Space & Astronomy

Could giant lasers shoot down space debris ?

1-15-2018 | 7

A new study by researchers in China has put forward a novel new way of tackling the problem of space junk.

Space & Astronomy

Magnetic beam could dispose of old satellites

6-24-2017 | 2

A French scientist is working on a novel new way to keep Earth's orbit clear of defunct satellites.

Space & Astronomy

Japan's space junk tether fails to deploy

2-6-2017 | 8

The experimental tether had been designed to help solve the problem of space junk in Earth's orbit.

Space & Astronomy

Could orbiting space junk cause World War 3 ?

1-26-2016 | 11

Scientists have warned that space debris collisions could have the potential to provoke armed conflict.

Space & Astronomy

ISS narrowly avoids space junk collision

11-8-2014 | 5

The space station performed an emergency maneuver last month to avoid a piece of orbiting debris.

Space & Astronomy

Soccer-ball robots to patrol for space junk

9-6-2014 | 2

New self-guided robots could soon be used to help assess the threat posed by items of space debris.

Space & Astronomy

Japan to use net to trawl for space debris

1-24-2014 | 18

The electrodynamic tether will be used as a way to help reduce the large amount of space junk in orbit.

Space & Astronomy

Space junk poses clean-up challenge

8-13-2011 | 18

The amount of debris in orbit is posing an ever greater risk to spacecraft and the environment.

Space & Astronomy

Approaching "unidentified object" is space junk

6-2-2010 | 12

An object recently detected by astronomers as it whizzed past the Earth has turned out to be space junk.

Space & Astronomy

Space junk increases danger for future

11-6-2009 | 1

British space experts have warned that the growing amount of debris flying around in space represents an increasing risk...

Space & Astronomy

How much is too much space junk ?

2-18-2009 | 3

Following the collision between two satellites recently space planners have warned that the ever increasing quantity of ...

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