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Australian woman wakes up with Irish accent

 VIDEO  5-12-2021 | 15

A woman from Australia who underwent tonsil surgery woke up to find that her accent had completely changed.


Doctors find dentures lodged in man's throat

8-13-2019 | 4

A man who experienced difficulty swallowing after surgery was found to have inhaled his own false teeth.


Man's chest catches fire during heart surgery

6-3-2019 | 13

Surgeons managed to accidentally set a man's chest cavity on fire during an operation in Australia.

Science & Technology

'Head transplant' surgeons claim progress

3-31-2019 | 20

Two controversial surgeons aiming to transplant a human head have reported spinal surgery success in animals.

Science & Technology

Scientists repair mutations in human embryos

9-29-2017 | 9

For the first time ever, a method known as 'chemical surgery' has been used to fix a faulty human gene.

Science & Technology

Hypnotized patients undergo brain surgery

1-1-2016 | 7

Hypnosis has been found to be a viable alternative to anesthesia for patients undergoing brain surgery.


Embryonic twin found inside student's brain

4-26-2015 | 16

26-year-old Yamini Karanam had been undergoing neural surgery when her unborn twin was discovered.


Man finds car turn signal lodged in his arm

1-2-2015 | 12

Arthur Lampitt discovered that the bizarre object had been embedded in his left arm for over 51 years.


Accidental awareness or alien abduction ?

11-12-2014 | 14

Could a patient who awakens during surgery later believe that they had been abducted by aliens ?

Metaphysics & Psychology

Woman becomes 'hyper empath' after surgery

8-12-2014 | 21

A woman who underwent a brain operation is now believed to possess a heightened sense of empathy.


Boy has 232 teeth removed during surgery

7-24-2014 | 22

A rare medical condition saw a 17-year-old develop large numbers of teeth around a benign tumor.


Man is born with his heart in his abdomen

8-23-2013 | 12

Huang Rongming has undergone surgery to address a very rare case of congenital heart displacement.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Doctor offers surgical palmistry services

7-17-2013 | 15

A new trend in Japan is seeing people having surgery done on their palms to influence their reading.


Man attempts DIY hernia surgery

7-27-2011 | 18

A 63-year-old man made headlines this week by trying to fix his own hernia using a butter knife.


Author plans Shakespeare plastic surgery

4-23-2011 | 9

Best-selling author Zhang Yiyi is to have plastic surgery in order to look like William Shakespeare.


Sci-fi fans undergo surgery for elvish ears

4-8-2011 | 42

A new craze is seeing fans of Middle Earth having their ears sculpted to look like an elf.


Woman attacked by her own hand

1-30-2011 | 19

A woman who lost control of her left hand after surgery to cure her epilespy shares her story.


Wanted man performed DIY plastic surgery

1-29-2011 | 13

A man wanted for murder in Japan performed plastic surgery on his own face to conceal his identity.

Ancient Mysteries

Scalpels point to Bronze Age brain surgery

9-2-2010 | 9

Obsidian scalpels and cut skulls have been discovered that seem to be evidence of prehistoric brain surgery.


Boy with 31 fingers and toes undergoes surgery

3-25-2010 | 7

A six-year-old boy with an incredible 15 fingers and 16 toes has undergone surgery to remove the extra digits.

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