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Metaphysics & Psychology

Comedian Bob Mortimer recalls 'white light' during near-death experience

3-15-2024 | 4

The popular British comedian experienced something profound while undergoing heart surgery.

Science & Technology

Scientist claims to have performed brain surgery on himself at home

7-19-2023 | 6

Michael Raduga reportedly lost a significant amount of blood while undertaking a 10-hour procedure on his own head.

Science & Technology

Doctors in Israel re-attach boy's head after he was 'internally decapitated'

7-16-2023 | 9

The young boy had been riding his bike when a freak accident resulted in his head being severed on the inside.

World of the Bizarre

Doctors treat woman who swallowed 55 AA and AAA batteries

9-19-2022 | 18

The incident, which was evidently an act of self harm, has been described by doctors as a world first.


Skeleton of earliest known amputee discovered in Borneo

9-8-2022 | 16

The 31,000-year-old skeleton is believed to be the earliest known evidence of surgical intervention.

World of the Bizarre

Man attempts to perform nose job... on himself

7-31-2022 | 7

Unable or unwilling to get it done professionally, one Brazilian man decided to take matters into his own hands.

World of the Bizarre

Australian woman wakes up with Irish accent

 VIDEO  5-12-2021 | 15

A woman from Australia who underwent tonsil surgery woke up to find that her accent had completely changed.

World of the Bizarre

Doctors find dentures lodged in man's throat

8-13-2019 | 4

A man who experienced difficulty swallowing after surgery was found to have inhaled his own false teeth.

World of the Bizarre

Man's chest catches fire during heart surgery

6-3-2019 | 13

Surgeons managed to accidentally set a man's chest cavity on fire during an operation in Australia.

Science & Technology

'Head transplant' surgeons claim progress

3-31-2019 | 20

Two controversial surgeons aiming to transplant a human head have reported spinal surgery success in animals.

Science & Technology

Scientists repair mutations in human embryos

9-29-2017 | 9

For the first time ever, a method known as 'chemical surgery' has been used to fix a faulty human gene.

Science & Technology

Hypnotized patients undergo brain surgery

1-1-2016 | 7

Hypnosis has been found to be a viable alternative to anesthesia for patients undergoing brain surgery.

World of the Bizarre

Embryonic twin found inside student's brain

4-26-2015 | 16

26-year-old Yamini Karanam had been undergoing neural surgery when her unborn twin was discovered.

World of the Bizarre

Man finds car turn signal lodged in his arm

1-2-2015 | 12

Arthur Lampitt discovered that the bizarre object had been embedded in his left arm for over 51 years.


Accidental awareness or alien abduction ?

11-12-2014 | 14

Could a patient who awakens during surgery later believe that they had been abducted by aliens ?

Metaphysics & Psychology

Woman becomes 'hyper empath' after surgery

8-12-2014 | 21

A woman who underwent a brain operation is now believed to possess a heightened sense of empathy.

World of the Bizarre

Boy has 232 teeth removed during surgery

7-24-2014 | 22

A rare medical condition saw a 17-year-old develop large numbers of teeth around a benign tumor.

World of the Bizarre

Man is born with his heart in his abdomen

8-23-2013 | 12

Huang Rongming has undergone surgery to address a very rare case of congenital heart displacement.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Doctor offers surgical palmistry services

7-17-2013 | 15

A new trend in Japan is seeing people having surgery done on their palms to influence their reading.

World of the Bizarre

Man attempts DIY hernia surgery

7-27-2011 | 18

A 63-year-old man made headlines this week by trying to fix his own hernia using a butter knife.

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