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Embryonic twin found inside student's brain

By T.K. Randall
April 26, 2015 · Comment icon 16 comments

Karanam had been undergoing surgery for a brain tumor. Image Credit: US Navy
26-year-old Yamini Karanam had been undergoing neural surgery when her unborn twin was discovered.
The computer science student had been experiencing increasingly debilitating health problems which escalated from an inability to concentrate or read to difficulties walking around.

She was eventually diagnosed with a tumor on her brain's pineal gland and after raising $32,000 for an operation to remove it she went under the knife at the appropriately named Skull Base Institute in Los Angeles where Dr Hrayr Shahinian had agreed to conduct a radical keyhole procedure using fiber optic technology.

What he found however was not a tumor at all but an embryonic twin - Karanam's unborn sister who had somehow ended up embedded inside her head while they were still in the womb.
Known as a "teratoma" the phenomenon is particularly rare and Dr Shahinian admitted that during his career he had only ever seen one other case in over 8,000 tumor removal operations.

Another prominent example occurred in 2009 when British plumber Gavin Hyatt 'gave birth' to his twin through his stomach in a scene not entirely dissimilar to something out of the movie 'Alien'.

Fortunately however the chances of something like this occurring are infinitesimally small.

Source: Telegraph | Comments (16)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by Lenore Graves 8 years ago
I hate to say this but it made me think of Edward Mordrake http://en.wikipedia..../Edward_Mordake Ok now thats just plain twisted! Reminds me of the Mayor of Halloween town in Nightmare before Christmas !
Comment icon #8 Posted by She-ra 8 years ago
Could you imagine being this woman? Oh yes, the headaches...things are hard to understand? Oh we found an embryo in your brain...that's all...
Comment icon #9 Posted by She-ra 8 years ago
I came across this article today regarding the "embryonic twin": Although these tumors can originate during embryonic development, they aren't embryos, and they are not a person's "twin." They arise from germ cells, which are the cells that go on to later develop into a person's gametes (such as sperm and eggs). At early states, germ cells have the ability to turn into any cell in the body. This article goes on to say this should not be called a *twin* and elaborates on why. Read more here:
Comment icon #10 Posted by Paranormalcy 8 years ago
I remember an old That's Incredible episode about a man who had a headache and went to a doctor and lo and behold, his twin had been growing inside his brain his whole life. I just looked it up and apparently that was bunk, as noted by this article here:,6829326&hl=en But apparently this CAN be thing after all, so ... interesting.
Comment icon #11 Posted by ancient astronaut 8 years ago
Comment icon #12 Posted by Skep B 8 years ago
I would lose my mind after something like that
Comment icon #13 Posted by Podo 8 years ago
That is horribly disgusting, but no wonder she was having difficulty concentrating.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Rye17 8 years ago
Could you imagine being this woman? Oh yes, the headaches...things are hard to understand? Oh we found an embryo in your brain...that's all... I couldn't imagine being the surgeon.
Comment icon #15 Posted by TripGun 8 years ago
"Open your mind Quaid" -Kuato
Comment icon #16 Posted by Imaginarynumber1 8 years ago
I couldn't imagine being the surgeon. I couldn't imagine being A surgeon.

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