Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Ghosts & Hauntings

'Haunted' doll which 'weeps tears of acid' rescued from house fire

 VIDEO  2-8-2022 | 25

A paranormal investigator has come into possession of a doll that he claims 'tries to set itself on fire.'

Modern Mysteries

Doubts cast on woman with 'crystal tears'

 VIDEO  10-3-2019 | 16

Satenik Kazaryan from Armenia made headlines a few years ago due to her remarkable medical condition.


Doctors find bees feeding on woman's tears

4-11-2019 | 4

A young woman in Taiwan who complained of a swollen eye was found to have small bees under her eyelid.


Virgin Mary statue 'cries tears of blood'

 VIDEO  4-16-2017 | 47

Hundreds of people have been flocking to Argentina to witness what some are calling a modern miracle.

Science & Technology

Why do we cry tears of happiness ?

11-14-2014 | 19

Why do we sometimes burst in to tears when we are experiencing something overwhelmingly positive ?


Virgin Mary statue 'weeping tears of oil'

 VIDEO  2-13-2014 | 30

Crowds of people have flocked to a small town in Israel to catch a glimpse of the weeping statue.


'Weeping' tree worshipped in California

8-15-2013 | 35

Catholics have flocked to a tree in Fresno, California because they believe it is weeping God's tears.

Modern Mysteries

Woman in Chile cries tears of blood

6-29-2013 | 14

Doctors have been baffled by the case of a young Chilean woman who appears to cry tears of blood.

Science & Technology

New contact lens monitors blood sugar

1-9-2012 | 4

Tears contain a lot of vital information about our bodies and could help to monitor blood sugar levels.


Virgin Mary statue cries tears in library

2-3-2011 | 38

Visitors to a religious book lending library in Ohio believe a statue of the Virgin Mary is crying.

Modern Mysteries

The U.S. teenager who cries tears of blood

9-2-2009 | 22

A 15-year-old from Tennessee has baffled doctors with a very rare condition that makes him cry tears of blood as often a...

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