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Modern Mysteries

'Milky' rain falls over the United States

2-8-2015 | 12

A peculiar downpour of milky-colored rain has been affecting parts of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Space & Astronomy

New data hints at water volcanoes on Ceres

1-24-2015 | 237

Scientists believe that the two mystery bright spots on Ceres could be water spewing in to space.

Science & Technology

NASA set to drop a robot in to a volcano

1-9-2015 | 6

Scientists are experimenting with new ways to explore volcanic fissures and vents on other planets.

Science & Technology

What if every volcano eruped at once ?

1-4-2015 | 30

What would happen in the unlikely scenario that every volcano on Earth erupted at the same time ?

Science & Technology

Cameraman narrowly dodges 'lava bomb'

 VIDEO  1-2-2015 | 7

New Zealand cameraman Bradley Ambrose got more than he bargained for while filming a volcano.

Science & Technology

Volcano could wipe out Japan within 100 years

10-26-2014 | 28

A new study has warned that Japan's whole population may be at risk from a huge volcanic eruption.

Space & Astronomy

Is the interior of the moon still warm ?

10-13-2014 | 19

Evidence of relatively recent lunar volcanism could indicate that the interior of the moon is still warm.

Science & Technology

Drone captures amazing volcano footage

 VIDEO  10-5-2014 | 3

A drone fitted with a high quality camera has ventured in to the fiery heart of a volcano in Iceland.

Science & Technology

Is the Yellowstone supervolcano dying ?

3-27-2014 | 42

In the event of an eruption the volcano could spew out 2,000 times the debris of Mount Saint Helen's.

Space & Astronomy

Active volcanoes discovered on Venus

3-20-2014 | 7

Scientists have identified four bright spots on the surface that are believed to be volcanic in nature.


'Animal Pompeii' discovered in China

2-6-2014 | 1

The remarkable preservation of 120-million-year-old fossil beds in China may have finally been explained.

Science & Technology

Supervolcano eruption mystery solved

1-7-2014 | 11

Scientists investigating what causes a supervolcano to erupt believe that they've found the answer.

Science & Technology

Supervolcano turns out to be double the size

12-11-2013 | 73

The supervolcano at Yellowstone National Park is believed to be 2.5 times larger than earlier estimates.

Science & Technology

Active volcano discovered in Antarctica

11-19-2013 | 3

Researchers have uncovered an active volcano deep below the thick Antarctic ice sheet.

Science & Technology

World's largest volcano discovered

9-6-2013 | 8

Tamu Massif encompasses an area covering 120,000 square miles in the sea off the coast of Japan.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO flies into Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano

6-4-2013 | 68

A video recorded on May 30th appears to show an object deliberately entering the smoldering volcano.

Science & Technology

'Supervolcano' forming near New Zealand

2-15-2013 | 26

A massive volcano with enough destructive power to destroy the world is forming north of New Zealand.


Did volcanoes kill the dinosaurs ?

12-10-2012 | 21

A new study has suggested that volcanic activity was responsible for wiping out the dinosaurs.

Science & Technology

Is there a Super Volcano in Italy ?

8-6-2012 | 22

Scientists are planning to drill down near Naples to determine if a huge magma chamber exists there.

Science & Technology

Can a volcano's past predict its future ?

5-27-2012 | 5

New research in to the history of a volcano could one day allow scientists to predict future eruptions.

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