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Science & Technology

De-extinction firm attracts $150M in funding to resurrect the dodo

2-2-2023 | 12

Texas-based firm Colossal Biosciences is already working on a way to bring back the long-extinct woolly mammoth.


Prehistoric woolly mammoth traveled 70,000km

8-14-2021 | 2

Scientists have identified a mammoth that roamed a distance equivalent to circling the entire planet twice.


Did humans really wipe out the woolly rhino ?

8-14-2020 | 14

The woolly rhino may not have been wiped out by human hunting practices as was previously believed.


Mammoths survived until just 4,000 years ago

10-10-2019 | 20

A population of woolly mammoths still roamed the Earth at the time the Egyptian pyramids were being built.

Science & Technology

Mammoth resurrection is now one step closer

3-12-2019 | 59

Japanese scientists have achieved a 'significant step' towards the de-extinction of the woolly mammoth.


Road workers unearth woolly mammoth bones

10-21-2018 | 1

The prehistoric remains of a mammoth and rhinoceros have been discovered near Cambridge, England.

Science & Technology

Mammoths could roam 'Ice Age Park' by 2028

9-21-2018 | 13

Scientists in Russia remain optimistic that the woolly mammoth can be resurrected within a decade.

Science & Technology

PayPal founder funds mammoth resurrection

7-3-2017 | 7

Peter Thiel has reportedly contributed $100,000 towards efforts to resurrect the woolly mammoth.


DNA offers clues to woolly mammoth's demise

3-4-2017 | 13

An analysis of mammoth DNA has revealed that the species had become wracked with genetic disease.

Science & Technology

Woolly mammoth 'on the verge of resurrection'

2-16-2017 | 17

Scientists believe that an elephant-mammoth hybrid embryo could be created within as little as two years.

Science & Technology

Mammoth cloning attempt in 'initial stages'

7-30-2016 | 20

Russian and Korean scientists have made an important first step towards creating a live woolly mammoth.

Science & Technology

Scientists aim to clone an extinct cave lion

3-5-2016 | 24

The woolly mammoth is not the only prehistoric beast that modern science could bring back to life.


Mammoth remains found in a Michigan field

 VIDEO  10-4-2015 | 4

The impressive woolly mammoth bones were discovered quite unexpectedly by two local farmers.

Science & Technology

Woolly mammoth cloning project has begun

3-17-2015 | 62

Scientists have extracted the DNA of a well-preserved mammoth in a first step towards creating a clone.

World of the Bizarre

World's wooliest sheep found in Tazmania

 VIDEO  8-27-2014 | 22

A sheep that hasn't been shorn for six years has so much wool that it can hardly see where it's going.


Dogs helped drive mammoths to extinction

6-2-2014 | 15

Early humans may have relied on domesticated dogs to help them hunt down and kill woolly mammoths.


Woolly mammoth to go on display in Taiwan

11-8-2013 | 3

The preserved remains of a 39,000-year-old mammoth will be put on show as part of an ice age exhibition.

Nature & Environment

Mammoths and robots in zoos of the future

2-20-2012 | 16

In 50 years zoos may have robotic tigers and cloned extinct species such as woolly mammoths.

Science & Technology

Mammoths could be cloned within five years

12-6-2011 | 67

Scientists have indicated that woolly mammoths could walk the Earth again by as early as 2016.


Woolly mammoth extinction not due to humans

8-19-2010 | 13

A new university study has suggested that mammoths died out due to dwindling grasslands rather than being hunted.

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