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World of the Bizarre

World's largest ever Lego model unveiled

 VIDEO  5-26-2013 | 24

A 23-ton Lego model of a Star Wars X-Wing fighter has been unveiled at an event in New York.

Science & Technology

Student invents miracle wound-closing gel

3-19-2013 | 29

A New York University student has invented a medical gel that could make conventional bandages obselete.

World of the Bizarre

David Blaine undertakes 'electrifying' stunt

10-7-2012 | 41

American illusionist and stuntman David Blaine has started his latest feat of endurance in New York.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO sighted over New York State

8-24-2012 | 98

A silvery disc-shaped object was sighted over the town of Vestal this month by Brian Titus.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery creature washes up in New York

7-27-2012 | 177

Photographs of a mysterious carcass likened to the 'Montauk Monster' have been circulating the internet.

Archaeology & History

Ancient 'New York City' of Canada discovered

7-11-2012 | 8

A settlements on the shore of Lake Ontario was once the New World's answer to New York City.

World of the Bizarre

Dog rescues owner after fall in shower

5-16-2012 | 15

Louis the Yorkshire Terrier knew exactly what to do when his owner Victoria collapsed in the shower.

World of the Bizarre

Billionaire plans to build Titanic II by 2016

5-1-2012 | 39

Clive Palmer hopes for his new version of the famous vessel to sail from England to New York.

Nature & Environment

Three-foot rat found in New York shop

1-8-2012 | 40

A massive rat the size of a small dog has been photographed in a New York Foot Locker shoe shop.

World of the Bizarre

Fashionistas splurge on designer rat outfits

5-31-2011 | 23

Rats from around the country gathered in New York for an unusual event - a rodent fashion show.


Preserved brain of Iron Age man discovered

3-30-2011 | 15

While excavating a site near the University of York, scientists unearth a skull with a brain inside

Modern Mysteries

Mystery goo falls from sky over New York

1-22-2011 | 28

Authorities are investigating after strange greenish-yellow goo fell over houses last week.

Archaeology & History

Body of gladiator discovered

12-11-2010 | 3

The remains of a huge gladiator from 1600 years ago have been discovered by workmen in York.

The UFO Phenomenon

El Paso UFOs mirror New York sightings

10-31-2010 | 19

A formation of mysterious lights over El Paso has mirrored last month's New York sightings.

The UFO Phenomenon

Was the New York UFO a bunch of balloons?

10-17-2010 | 195

It is believed that the object sighted above New York a few days ago was actually a bunch of balloons.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO sighted over New York City

10-14-2010 | 195

Police in New York have been inundated with calls after a strange object was sighted over the city.

Archaeology & History

Gladiator graveyard discovered in York

6-8-2010 | 7

The world's best-preseved Roman gladiator graveyard has been unearthed in England.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

New 'Montauk Monster' washed up

5-15-2009 | 28

An unidentified creature that bears a close resemblence to last year's "Montauk Monster" has washed up on New York's coa...

Archaeology & History

Ancient tsunami 'hit New York'

5-6-2009 | 0

Scientists believe a huge wave would have smash in to what is now New York City over 2300 years ago. Studies in to sedim...

Metaphysics & Psychology

Brain surgery patient wakes with Irish accent

4-29-2009 | 18

A man from Yorkshire who underwent brain surgery and spent three days on life support following a ruptured blood vessel ...

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