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Light in Orion

July 23, 2016 | Comment icon 1 comment

Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Jason Rogers
This story was submitted to the site by Lobonoir from Tampa, Florida.
Oct 18 2013 @ 02:08.Went out to walk the dogs. I heard a small leer jet go over into Tampa Airport. As I looked up I could see the constellation Orion clearly. Just above the right belt star I saw an intense light. I thought it was a landing light for an airliner. I thought it was strange because they do not land into Tampa/St Pete airport from that direction.

As I went to go back inside I just glanced up and I could that the light had not moved relative to the stars so I watched for less than a minute and the light burned out. What the ?? Less then a minute later it burned back on (not a flash). I thought it was a helicopter or small aircraft doing a hard bank and that is why the light would disappear. For several minutes I watched and I thought of my military training (Air defense artillery HAWK/Stinger) to help me identify what I was looking at and why this object was acting this way.

The light would burn on and then off at a (football)count of 7,000 & 1 to 9,000 & 1. And it held the same position for about 10 minutes and then it hit me !?! This is ISS burning up in low orbit - it finally happened the ISS was struck by an object it could not handle and that made sense to me !!! .((The following is crazy)).Just as I convinced myself as to what I was seeing the light burned out and then a darker than night blacker than black streak went from right to left across the top of Orion's belt and stopped just above the left side star in the belt.
It was as if Earth's atmosphere was cleared away in an instant. What was that ?? It was then my eyes felt it. Welder's burn !! No way are you kidding me. Then the light burned back on.@ 02:28 I went inside and woke up my daughter and my son-in-law. I simply asked them to observe something for me in Orion. We went back outside to the road. The light was gone. I was silent. "What are we looking for DAD !!??!!" A few seconds later the light burned back on in its new position. It was then that I explained myself.

We watched the light for another 6 minutes as it burned on and off. While it was burning it made a slight "skip" to the right and started to fade away from us very fast. My son-in-law has very good vision. He was able to see the light for a bit longer and he saw it go up and to our right. The black slash of the "welder's burn" remained in my sight until about 09:30.

In the morning light it almost faded completely. I have been to the eye clinic 3 times since then. My eyes seem to be fine. Except I can detect a very light almost dust like(mote) streak in my left eye. I did file a report with MUFON but I deleted all my MUFON emails. I would never deal with MUFON again !!

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Comment icon #1 Posted by ChrLzs 6 years ago
Military training (a very common claim..) obviously doesn't help all that much if the conclusion is that an†unmoving/flashing on/off†bright spot could be the ISS coming down... In a metropolitan region, especially around an airport, the sky is monitored very carefully.. †Plus there are no doubt quite a few amateur/professional astronomers who do all sky imaging, all night. †Not to mention various†webcams all over the place, some of which would almost certainly have included the Orion region, unless it was directly overhead... (it wasn't). †So if there was something strange in the sky in that n... [More]

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