Thursday, December 12, 2019
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Scariest dream, what does it mean?

Posted on 8-18-2017 | Comment icon 5 comments

By: Issac | Location: US

Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Paul Sapiano
I had a dream last night and it was like nothing I have ever experienced before.

So basically my dream started off really random and all over the place like they always do and I never really remember my dreams unless they are really scary. And I don't have nightmares often.

But the parts that I remember go like this: I was on the couch (I slept on the couch last night) and it felt so real like I was actually laying there. All of the sudden I had the urge to turn my head and look into the hallway, so I did.
I saw this figure and it was like a light blue oval glowing type of figure. It didn't look human just like a big oval. The weirdest part about it is that I wasn't scared of the figure. I just thought nothing of it, so I turned over on my side where I couldn't see it anymore and then my whole body tensed up. I could not move and I could not breathe at all. My mom was in the same room and I wanted to get her attention somehow but I just couldn't. After a whole bunch of panic I started to calm down and try to accept the fact that I was dying. So I just sat there not being able to breathe or move, waiting for something to happen. All of the sudden something pulled me off the couch, but in a very slow way. I wasn't snatched or anything it was just like I was being dragged.That's when I woke up.

So when I wake up the first thing I do is take a deep breathe because I had stopped breathing in my sleep. And I must have gone a long time without air because my chest was hurting so bad and my throat was burning. I of course started crying after that because I had never had anything like that happen ever.

I did some research and I don't think I had a sleep paralysis moment, because my experience was nothing like anyone else's. Plus this happened while I was asleep, I was definitely not awake.

Can anyone help me figure out what the dream meant? And what was that figure? (Not very religious btw so I didn't think it was an angel or anything but if you think it was I'd like to know more about it)

Comments (5)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Mattacaster on 18 August, 2017, 16:50
I don't think I can help much with the dream part. Maybe with how you felt when you woke up. You said you were out of breath and it felt like you hadn't breathed in a long time. This makes me wonder if this part was caused by sleep apnea. This is basically when you stop breathing usually while sleeping. Hence the name sleep apnea. I don't remember the exact science of it but a flap of skin in the airway flops over obstructing the airway. This can happen several times a minute, hundreds of times an hour. This prevents your brain and other vital organs from getting the oxygen they need. Then the... [More]
Comment icon #2 Posted by LILAC11 on 19 August, 2017, 0:40
Hi there, I'm a believer that dreams are to make you self aware, not everyone carries the same theory. I'll try a little analysis for you just to look at your dream from a none medical point of view and more of a mental guidance : I reckon your under some stress in a part of your life more to do with a close relationship, could be a partner, family member, work associate etc but I'd say there is a definite relationship causing you stress, your dreams for warning you not to take the problem lying down but it's guiding you to stop the panic and approach things in a calmer manner. There's a quarr... [More]
Comment icon #3 Posted by darkzoneromana on 23 August, 2017, 19:01
No two peoples sleep paralysis is the same trust me I have them almost every night sense I was five. I am not saying that is what happened to you. I did wake up once feeling like I couldn't breathe and I made a choking sound, it turned out my cat happened to stretch his paw out right on my windpipe. Craziest thing
Comment icon #4 Posted by MissJatti on 9 September, 2017, 15:01
I have had a few dreams where I could not breathe. And it is always the same dream. And in the same time I feel like I cannot breathe in real life. All I want to do is to wake up in real life. Even in the dream, the dream is telling me to wake up. While dreaming, but in real life, I can feel my chest hurting, and my heart slowing. And when I do wake up, I tell myself, ''did I stop breathing for real.'' But you did say, you slept on a couch, because I was wondering, did you sleep upright or laying on the couch. I have heard that some people have trouble breathing, while sleeping by sitting upri... [More]
Comment icon #5 Posted by Boozemonkey on 15 September, 2017, 10:59
It does sound like sleep apnea. You should get it checked out.

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