Saturday, March 25, 2017
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Rare 'frost quake' causes mystery boom

Posted on Friday, 27 December, 2013 | Comment icon 39 comments

The mystery booms are a direct result of freezing temperatures. Image Credit:
A rare seismic phenomenon has been blamed for reports of mysterious booming noises around Toronto.
On Christmas Eve residents of several Canadian towns including Newmarket, Belleville and Richmond Hill reported hearing a strange 'booming' noise that was so loud that it rattled their houses.

Investigations revealed that the US Geological Survey had reported no signs of seismic activity in the region during this period and there had been no reports of meteor strikes either.

So what could have produced such a loud and widespread phenomenon ?

The most likely explanation, according to experts, is a rare seismic event known as a frost quake. These cyroseisms occur when groundwater becomes frozen due to a sudden drop in temperature, resulting in the soil and rocks expanding and cracking, producing a loud noise.

Source: Global News | Comments (39)

Tags: Toronto, Boom, Frost Quake

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #30 Posted by bmk1245 on 27 December, 2013, 22:18
[...] I didn't hear what was reported but the ice was (and still is) all creaky and weird [...] Record it. Just imagine true story in the future from the records made by grand/grand/granny... Just joking.Stay safe. Edit: bizarre font size off.
Comment icon #31 Posted by spacelizard667 on 27 December, 2013, 23:22
Yes but scientists only give a reasonable and logical explanation or guess as to what things they and we don't know are. To jump to the conclusion that it was something paranormal or aliens/UFO's and such things is beyond stupidity! At least scientists try to work within the frame of the logic and laws of the universe. You might well be right about scientist giving only a logical and reasonable explanation, people still have many ignorant and unreasoning superstitions and fears. These sounds could be quite natural in origin, even the Earth's natural dynamis does produce mysterious sounds, but ... [More]
Comment icon #32 Posted by Manchesterpara on 27 December, 2013, 23:30
This explains the bang we heard against an outside wall,(in Scarborough, Ontario) we thought someone had hit the wall, it was a dull thud and we felt a slight movement as though someone had hit the house. This has happened twice during the last four days.
Comment icon #33 Posted by docyabut2 on 27 December, 2013, 23:41
like those sounds heard in Costa Rica so similar to the sounds of the slow down heard from under the ocean.
Comment icon #34 Posted by qxcontinuum on 27 December, 2013, 23:54
So where is the frost in costa rica? Edit docyabou2... That is the mysterious hum... We've had itin Canada as well but it is different than the boom we are talking about. If there is an explanation to this one, the hum is still a solid mystery and there are occurrences across the mapamond
Comment icon #35 Posted by docyabut2 on 28 December, 2013, 0:03
So where is the frost in costa rica? Edit docyabou2... That is the mysterious hum... We've had itin Canada as well but it is different than the boom we are talking about. If there is an explanation to this one, the hum is still a solid mystery and there are occurrences across the mapamond what I am saying is these sounds that can be heard all over the world can be way from the artics, similar to this report of the topic event of the ice in this case in canada Slow Down is a sound recorded on May 19, 1997, in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrati... [More]
Comment icon #36 Posted by qxcontinuum on 28 December, 2013, 3:33
well, looks like it is a trend to solve all the mysteries blaming ice quakes... even the famous Bloop mystery from '97 is attributed to a such quake.. lol . Blame the ice for everything !
Comment icon #37 Posted by Daughter of the Nine Moons on 28 December, 2013, 4:24
well, looks like it is a trend to solve all the mysteries blaming ice quakes... Whatever trend you are referring to is irrelevant to this thread. Don't take this off topic Ice storm in the GTA (worst in 40 years) = cryoseism (Ice quake)
Comment icon #38 Posted by qxcontinuum on 28 December, 2013, 4:59
I won't really call it storm but just simple rain and -2, then after two days temperatures reached down to -17 which is perfectly fine for every winter, I am not convinced it is cryoseism nor you can, sorry. That boom was not from a. Quake. Once again in Quebec where every year there's two weeks of -40 never ever similar sounds have been heard... Why Ontario then?
Comment icon #39 Posted by spacelizard667 on 31 December, 2013, 5:15
The Earth's own natural Dynamis can make sounds, I am not saying that this is absolutely the explanation [because I was not there.] I am just sayin' ...again, that it would be another possibility to consider.

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