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Australian team captures 'Yowie' footage

Posted on Tuesday, 8 April, 2014 | Comment icon 76 comments

Could this be evidence of the Yowie ? Image Credit: YouTube / JJYowieSearch

Two researchers recorded a creature on video that is now being referred to as 'The Morning Visitor'.

Jason Heal and Jason Dunn filmed the creature in South Queensland at the end of March and believe that their footage constitutes evidence that a large bipedal hominid is stalking the wilds of Australia.

The men set up the camera and used a stack of apples as bait to lure the creature in. The resulting footage shows what appears to be the head of a large ape-like animal with glowing eyes as it feasts on the snack behind the foliage.

"We'd been throwing him a few extra apples since he was willing to appear on camera," said Heal. "I'm somebody who believes in appreciation in life and if he's showing himself, we appreciate the fact."

The footage has been met with an understandable degree of skepticism since appearing online with critics arguing that the 'Yowie' could in fact be little more than someone wearing a mask.

Source: Daily Mail | Comments (76)

Tags: Yowie, Bigfoot

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #67 Posted by Night Walker on 4 May, 2014, 0:04
Good points, QC. Cognitive dissonance is not at all rare – we all do it every day to some degree. That such a process (continuing to smoke when it is known to be damaging, selling a used car with its odometer wound back, realising there were no WMDs after going to war in Iraq) appears “easy” is because it is – we are able to reason that it would be worse if we didn’t do it (violating my right to smoke if I chose to, failing to put food on the family’s table if unable to sell that used car, the need for “regime change” in Iraq)... You are also co... [More]
Comment icon #68 Posted by QuiteContrary on 4 May, 2014, 2:31
Excellent reply as usual, NW. I fully agree with this fundamental analysis in your post: I believe this is particularly possible and important in the whole context of Bigfoot/Yowie belief and shows where belief can "take someone" with little internal conflict or one that wanes over time.
Comment icon #69 Posted by Night Walker on 5 May, 2014, 6:15
For further reading on cognitive dissonance I recommend: (2008) by Tarvis & Aronson
Comment icon #70 Posted by GoldenRabbit on 6 May, 2014, 0:19
Another video with cheesy writing and comments on the screen, Funky sound effects, that’s enough for me to get alarm bells to sound. I don’t why when someone is supposedly presenting facts they have to turn it into entertainment, If you really had a genuine video the fasts would sell themselves no need for the cheesy entertainment
Comment icon #71 Posted by davros of skaro on 6 May, 2014, 20:32
It's just a Morlock.
Comment icon #72 Posted by Forever Cursed on 6 May, 2014, 21:39
It looks like an Eloi from H.G. Wells "The time machine" the original version. Now I am jonesin to see that move !!
Comment icon #73 Posted by Night Walker on 9 June, 2014, 3:17
If JJ Yowie Search’s “head bopping eye-shine” video was an example of quasi-ostension (where naturally occurring events are misinterpreted as first-hand experience of an existing legend) then their following video (below) is an example of pseudo-ostension (where legend-like events are intentionally acted out by persons aware of the original narrative) - watch the central tree trunk for the first 3 seconds:
Comment icon #74 Posted by QuiteContrary on 9 June, 2014, 8:40
Looks like Yowie was interrupted with his um... tree friend... or, what was it allegedly doing for that odd shot?
Comment icon #75 Posted by freetoroam on 9 June, 2014, 10:32
How did this cr@p reach 5 pages?
Comment icon #76 Posted by Hida Akechi on 9 June, 2014, 13:53
Too much free time + too much crazy to not pay attention to it.

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