Sunday, September 24, 2017
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Encounter at 3:33 AM

Posted on 6-5-2017 | Comment icon 1 comment

By: hunoru | Location: Budapest

This is my story that happened quite recently, meaning the day I posted this. Our house is located in the suburban area of Budapest, and is quite old. It was built around late '40s or early '50s. There aren't any mysterious death surrounding house, so it is weird that it is "haunted".

So it happened on the 15th of May 2017. My room is located in the attic which was built in years ago. Next to my room is my brother's. So I woke during the night because of music playing quite loudly from my brother's room. It was quite dark outside so I thought it might be around midnight or 1 AM.

Anyway, I went into my brother's room to tell him to cut it out, but his room was completely dark and only his PC was on. And music was playing on YouTube. It was E.T. from Katy Perry. But I was too tired to care and I thought my brother just went downstairs and left the music on. So I closed the tab but lyrics got me halted for a moment. I closed at the part "You're supernatural...".

Coincidence?? Hmm... maybe. And when I went back to my room I accidentally knocked a bottle over. So I went back to my room and looked at my phone's clock. And surprise, surprise it was 3:33 AM.

That moment, I kind of froze and fear took me over. I started to sweat and shake because I was sure that my brother wasn't at home that night. He wouldn't be up at 3 AM. So I instantly slammed my door shut, got in my bed and didn't dare to move 'til the break of dawn.

When I went back in the morning the bottle was still knocked over so I couldn't have dreamed it.

I'm not sure what to make of it and when my brother came home that morning I asked him about this song. And he had no idea why that particular song started playing because he hadn't even heard of it. And his computer was in sleep mode the time he left home.

I'm still kind of freaked out by what's happened.

What do you guys think? Is it ghost haunting or something else...? Or just mere coincidences??

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Comment icon #1 Posted by The_Spartan on 8 June, 2017, 7:10
Her brother's computer started auto updating at 3.00 AM. If no particular time is set for auto Update, the computer will auto update itself at the standard time i.e 3.00AM. Perhaps he had left his music player playing while he set it to sleep mode and when the computer auto updated, it might continued where it paused with??

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