Thursday, July 16, 2020
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  Columnist: T. Stokes

Image credit: stockxpert

A boy and his dog

Posted on Wednesday, 12 December, 2007 | 0 comments
Columnist: T. Stokes

There are dangers in being known as a lecturer in paranormal studies, everyone needs to tell you their favourite ghost stories, I went to the dentist recently, and he wanted to hold a conversation with me, about his mothers pet dog, now long dead whose shadow could be seen sleeping on the fireside rug, while all the while having his hand’s pushed far into my mouth. The tendency for people the world over to contact you thinking you can sort out their lives for them includes, making the decision over who was to inherit great aunt Doris’s emerald ring, is it harmful for my daughter to continually space out sniffing my hair sprays,? whether my toy-boy really loves me, or even whether to leave a stale marriage on a more handsome, newer and younger promise, ( always a tricky one ) and such like questions that would be more suited to marriage guidance, a psychologist, lawyer, doctor or a Rabbi. Luckily I had a little training in all these disciplines ! But people do not realise that it is wrong to make their decisions for them, just to assist in the process with intuition, counselling and common sense.

Even regarding religious issues, people will generally not go to a priest any more, the attitude of some in the church that regular churchgoers only, can come for advice, this has helped the new age movement as a whole to move forward at a great pace, in its drive for spiritual democracy, and experts claim more people now read their horoscope in the daily paper than read the bible. The refusal to allow church weddings to non regular church goers is only superseded by the refusal to come out for haunting’s. The work of “The Interspiritual forum” is to put forward top advisors, healers and exorcists to accomplish what should be, in an ideal; world, the realm of the church. The church also has a reputation for addiction, you go once and you are pressured to go again and again, taking away your free will, one of the main areas that free will has been eroded is in the bedroom, where contraception is banned often under threat of burning in hell, yet priests who abuse the young and the vulnerable are shielded and moved around for their safety by the same church body that forbids this contraception to desperate families. But occasionally a gem of a story can come your way, and recently a plumber had to come in to do some work in my little kitchen, and I quickly realised that this man although a rough drinker and brawler was an honest man, who not knowing me from Adam proceeded to tell me one of the most amazing paranormal stories I had heard for many years, that had recently happened.
It turned out his brother had been driving home late one night across the fens, the flatlands across Lincolnshire and Norfolk, in Britain’s East Anglia region, when suddenly a bend in the road, meant he overturned the car and slid into a ditch, the emergency services arrived quickly on the scene, and eventually he was cut from the car and taken to hospital. Now when the policeman came to his hospital bed to take a statement, he asked the policeman who the scruffy lad with the long coat was, who with his dog, kept him company until the ambulance came, and refused to let him drift off to sleep, saying he was near the edge and if he went to sleep he would not return, he honestly felt he owed this lad a big thank-you for perhaps saving his life. The policeman replied by asking if this lad with the dog had long fair hair, and with glasses held together with tape, ? and the dog was it a black Labrador on a string ? and did the boy have a real country accent ? on learning that it was all the case, he told the plumbers brother in the hospital bed, that the particular bend was a well known local “black spot” for accidents, and he had himself participated at an accident there some five years ago, when a crushed car upside down in the ditch, had no occupants, thinking they had gone away, the tow truck pulled out the car, only to find the occupants, a lad with long fair hair in a long dark overcoat, accompanied by a black Labrador dog on a string, had been thrown out and were actually underneath the crushed car all along.

This stretch of road was one of the most dangerous across the fens, and after mile upon mile of straight road to happen upon a sharp bend with an adverse camber, meant many accidents here, the policeman went on to say, that he had lost count of the times people asked him details of the story which had become part of the urban landscape Apparently the lad worked on one of the local small farms that still manage to scratch a tiny living in the area, and he is seen regularly on the bend, a hazy figure with his dog at dusk gesturing to motorists to slow down, and the policeman said he had lost count of the people who had reported being comforted at the scene, whilst awaiting the ambulance by a, “lad and his dog”. With thanks to Trevor the plumber.

T. Stokes, paranormalist

Article Copyright© T. Stokes - reproduced with permission.

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